LAS VEGAS, NV CES, Central Hall Booth # 12632  – (January 5, 2010) – iLuv, leader in innovative solutions that offers IT peripherals, uniquely styled audio video products and accessories for Apple MacBook, iPhone and iPod, debuts Tatz, a new line of high end headphones and earphones that offers the latest in precision acoustic engineering and contemporary styled graphics to best suit the taste of the quality demanding and style conscious consumer.

The new line of Tatz earphones and headphones offers three series for the music lovers who demand professional quality without compromising style and design. Each series includes three headphone and four earphone models tailored to the taste of a particular consumer demographic.  The “Impressionz” series, a red colored option for those who like to stand out of the crowd and make a riveting impression, the “Broken Heartz” series, for girls sweet and strong who like to rock out in pink hues, and the “Scarz” series, a black colored option for the tough but cool music lover. Tatz will be available starting in late January 2010. “We are proud to launch Tatz, a true blend of fashion and technology. Made with the latest innovations in precision acoustic engineering, Tatz renders deep, rich sound and provides superior noise isolation” says Sean Cho, the director of marketing and strategic planning for iLuv. “Music lovers will rock out the New Year in style and quality with our premium designed Tatz earphones and headphones.”


These premium headphones from the Impressionz series deliver a full-throttle attack of sound to your head. You can’t help but surrender to the overwhelming power of the speaker driver. With the freakish powerful sound, awesome look and serious comfort, Tatz fans can enjoy this music invasion to their ears for $89.99 at


The THP901 Tatz headphone option from the Broken Heartz series is the perfect combination of design, comfort and sound engineering. Ladies can experience how absolute power sounds with these tight, yet comfortable fitting and seductively attractive pink designed headphones for $79.99 at


This simple clean design from the Scarz series attracts you with comfort and pleases you with sound, the THP601 headphones sound great, look great and feel great. Available for $39.99 at


Small in size but by no means wimpy in sound, the TEP501 earphones were created with advanced ear tips to deliver the sound straight to your eardrums with kicking audio technology for precise audio reproduction. Available in red, black and pink designs, the TEP501 is available for $49.99 at For more information on product specifications as well as pricing and availability please visit

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