nonameMarch 6, 2013 – In Primal Carnage, the eternal struggle between Man and Dinosaur rages on endlessly from the deepest chasms to the tallest mountain peaks. In the ongoing Philosophy to bring game expansions to all players for free, Lukewarm Media and Reverb Publishing are pleased to announce the release of two new maps for the recent objective-based scramble-for-survival game mode entitled “Get to the Chopper.” The first map comes in the form of a conversion of “The Falls” (A fan favorite Team Deathmatch map) into an all new Get to the Chopper themed adventure. The other map, “Ruthless” is a new Get to the Chopper exclusive map set high up in the foreboding mountainous peaks of the Island, remember to dress warmly, it’s set to get cold blooded up there. With this new expansion, Primal Carnage now boasts nine playable maps including two recently added objective based maps for “Get to the Chopper,” bringing the total to four.

The release of these two new maps also marks the end of the “Get to the Chopper” game mode’s Beta period, so get in game, grab yourself a mighty Spinosaurus and prepare to turn the pristine snowy white landscape of “Ruthless” blood red in the aftermath of your very own personal rampage of primal themed carnage.
To celebrate the ritualistic tearing down of the Get to the Chopper Modes’ BETA sign, Lukewarm Media has patched in a brand new free skin, the Battle-Scarred T-rex.

Lukewarm Media has also teamed up with artist, Infected Mushroom, and released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the myriad of action, awe and terror to be expected in the Get to the Chopper game mode, which is set to the heart pumping track, "Nation of Wusses," from the album Army of Mushrooms.  

So are you hungry for prehistoric action? Do you yearn to stand shoulder to shoulder to you fellow man and hold back the tide of the ancient world? Do you itch to take control of the mightiest beasts ever to have existed and rain down extinction on your human foes? Or are you just looking for an action packed video featuring dinosaurs set to an awesome beat?  Whichever the case, Primal Carnage is most certainly for you. What are you waiting for? Get on board, because things are about to get… Primal.

Primal Carnage is available now through Steam and is currently the highest-reviewed dinosaur title of all time.

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