displaymediaThe NVIDIA Project SHIELD Team has an almost insatiable need for pure, unadulterated speed. So, we thought it was fitting that we demonstrate Need For Speed: Most Wanted streaming to the device from a GeForce GTX-enabled PC.

We tucked a Tegra 4 processor and its custom 72-core GPU into Project SHIELD portable to satisfy our addiction to unrivaled Android gaming. Then we made it work with your GeForce GTX-powered PC to play all our favorite high-performance PC games. The result: an uncompromised gaming experience in a truly portable device.

What you see below is our latest Project SHIELD: PC Mondays video. In this episode, we show off the visual eye candy that is Need For Speed. The PC’s GPU is doing all the graphics heavy lifting, allowing us to run the game with all the graphics bells and whistles enabled.

And, of course, Project SHIELD sports dual analog control sticks for steering input, and trigger controls for throttle and braking. So gameplay is smooth and intuitive.

Check out the video below and let us know what you want to see in future PC Mondays videos.

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