Welcome to your weekly gaming news update. We have the Midweek Madness sale's on Steam this week, Rage is coming out next week, PAYDAY: The Heist is also coming out in October, Renegade Ops finally has a release date on Steam. The Battlefield 3 Beta is out for your multiplayer enjoyment here soon and a bundle of quick news at the end. Lets rock.

This weeks Midweek Madness is Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale is on sale. With a savings of 50% for a price of $7.49. Get your D&D on now for cheap. As always  the Midweek Madness sales end on Thursday at 7pm est.

Anyone else looking forward to this? I am having trouble why this is so different from Borderlands, and that’s not a bad thing. I guess it’s a cross between Fallout and Borderlands. We will all find out on October 4th according to Steam.

PAYDAY: The Heist:

Looking for a new first person shooter that’s cheap? Like robbing banks and looking for loads of cash? Check out the trailers for PAYDAY: The Heist. If you pre-order now you can save 10% off. With all of these games coming out and not living up to the hype I always like to let the game release and read the early reviews. How is the gaming running? Does it work on the PC or better on the consoles? Does it have gimped PC options and controls. It’s a sad state of affair these day’s that we have to deal with this but that’s the name of the game. I will be keeping my eye on this one as it gets closer to a October release date.

Renegade Ops:

Finally Avalanche Studios has a release date for the PC version of Renegade Ops. October 14th will be the magical date that it will be released. If you pre-order it now you get Dr. Gordon Freeman’s buggy. This is one of those games that I have talked about before but I couldn’t find a definitive release date for weeks. All it said was September. Now we know that the 14th will be or 3d isometric view, car carnage game day.

Battlefield 3 Beta:
BF3 StagingArea_GDC_656x369

You can now download the beta of Battlefield 3 on September 29th. Remember that you have to download Origin to get the beta. I kinda like this, it lets the user base try out Origin and see how good or bad it really is. Regardless, have fun and blast the servers so they can get a good idea on how many people are going to be playing. I am still on my high horse over here and have no plans on buying Battlefield 3 because of the Origin exclusivity.

Left Field:
Left Field

Driver: San Francisco is out today. You might want to hold off for a bit and see what kind of shenanigans Ubisoft DRM department pulled. Just like when the released Just Dust I would hold off on any Ubisoft PC games.

More Fallout New Vegas DLC’s have dropped for you to continue your wasteland adventure. Gun Runners’ Arsenal is $3.99 and the Courier’s Stash is $1.99.

Total War Shogun 2 Rise Of The Samurai DLC also came out today. Download it on Steam now for $9.99.

Get ready for October 4th people, well those of you who like using iTunes on Windows. Apple is having their announcement about the iPhone 5.

A new Steam Client update has also been released. The one fix that I do like is the “Fixed high CPU usage in game library view” Once you start to accumulate games on Steam it seems like it takes forever to load up the icons.

Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe just saw an update, who thinks that we should use this for our GPU reviews? “Raises hand”

Civilization V: Game of the Year Edition has also been released. This would be a great time to get into the game with all of the DLC included

Nuclear Dawn is now available on Steam if you are in need of a new strategy game. Download it now on Steam for $24.99.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem is up for pre-order for $13.49. You might want to pick this up just for LanOC Lan’s. We have played it in the past and I can see this one gaining traction among our Worms players.

What do you guys think about bringing back gaming nights? We had them setup but it seem'ed people just got really busy and summer is not the time to sit indoors. I know people are busy with life so we were thinking about once or twice a month. Throw some idea's out there, what do you guys/gals want us to do gaming nights?

If you haven’t read our review of the EVGA 580 Classified please head on over now and see one of the baddest single GPU’s on sale.

Have a great rest of the week LanOC. Until next week

Wingless is out!

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Wingless92 replied the topic: #20114 28 Sep 2011 08:00
We are live.
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Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #20139 29 Sep 2011 17:34
Interested in Renegade Ops? I'd be up for that, maybe Kelf too. We could see about 4-pack, and I trust the devs. Just Cause 2 is a blast.

Gaming nights would be cool, wanted UT last week but caught no traction. I only really have weekends available.

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