It's Wednesday, college is back in session, Deus Ex has been released, the From Dust scandal might be getting better,NOT! Midweek Madness is waiting to hone your shooter skills, LanOC V9.0 is  this weekend and we have a pile of news to get through. Let the NFL season start! Here...We...Go!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

Yesterday one of the highly anticipated games for PC dropped, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. With the lead platform being the PC we all hoped that Eidos Montreal would serve up something special. Early reports are in and the game is a hit. Looking over my Friends list on Steam I can see we already have a couple of people playing it. With gameplay running in the 20-30 hour range it seems as though you get a bunch for your hard earned space bucks. If you haven't picked it up yet I would say hold off until its on sale. I am not taking anything away from the Eidos guys/gals but it's in our best intrest to get the most out of a game that you can. Keep watching Gaming News for the latest on a sale and a further review.

From Dust Backlash:

I would love to call this anything else, but I can't. Ubisoft published From Dust for PC, lied about the DRM, made a FAIL of a port and now they are going to patch out the DRM. This is a clear message on how NOT to release/publish a PC game. 24 hours after it was released, a cracked version showed up on torrent sites that had the DRM out of it. No longer making it necessary to be online. When the pirates have a better gaming experience you know as a company that you have failed. You also know that you have failed when it takes you two weeks to release a patch for it. I really can't see what in sam hell they were thinking. From now on I WOULD NOT buy any Ubisoft game until well after release. Make sure the game works for one and two that they didn't try and pull another fast one on us.

Midweek Madness:

This week's Midweek Madness is a good one. All Serious Sam titles are all on sale. If you haven't picked these up what are you waiting for? I have always loved the Serious Sam games. If you like FPS's that are fast paced with gobs of eniemies then this is the series for you. Pre-Ordering Serious Sam 3 aslo nets you a 20% savings if you have any one of the earlier games. As always all Midweek Madness sales end at Thursday's at 7pm EST.

Crime Craft: Bleedout:

So I am going to take a jab here at D-RAYMAC. He is one of the few people that payed for this game. I almost followed suit but held off, no more I say! Crime Craft: Bleedout has gone free-to-play. Like all other FTP games on Steam. Give it a chance, make a character and put a couple of hours into it. You have nothing to lose except for some bandwith.

LanOC V9.0:

LanOC---logoIs everyone ready for this weekend? I hope so! If you are new to LanOC LAN's you are in for a time you will not soon forget. I am going to add a couple of things here.

1. Remember to update Steam and all of your games before hand, check them again right before you pack your rig up!

2. Please take a shower, if not you will be made fun of for two days straight and you will cry.

3. Make sure you have all necessary items with you aka power cable, video cable, 25ft Ethernet cable, snacks, drinks and cash for food.

4. Most of all remember that the staff is here to help, if you have any questions come see anyone with a LanOC shirt on.

5. Have fun. Don't let the little things get you down. You lost a tournement? Who cares, it's not the end of the world. We do have more than one!

6. Remember that Plague aka Jared is the person responsible for the tournaments. It's his first time doing this so just be respectful, nothing went perfect the first time you drove a car.

I think that is about it. I can't stress enought the shower thing. If you stink, you will get called out for it. Also, have a long enough ethernet cable. They are cheap and there is no reason not to have one. Monoprice is a good source for all of your cable needs. Also, have fun and enjoy the time with other LanOC members. I miss you Crazybillybob, STORAGE!!!

Wingless's Quick Tip:

If you read gaming sites you might want to check out a neat feature in Steam webpage. Under the Syndicated News section you can read news from Shacknews, PC Gamer and Kotaku just to name a few. Its a nice little tip to keep your browsing to a minimum.

Well that is it for this weeks edition of Gaming News. This weekend should be a blast. I am only 16 weeks away from being a college grad, so it a bit of a trying time for me here at home. Until next week where we will have pictures up from the LAN.

Wingless is out!
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We don't want no Scrubs!
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Is CS:GO really getting much anticipation? Needed to be a straight sequel, GO just makes me think it's a mobile version. Could be huge with PC, Mac, and PS3 cross-plat support, but then again could bomb from being a Neo CS. Gungame must be an official mode, or fail.

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