Summer is full swing with the start of June. We have some huge Call Of Duty news. A new behind the scene's trailer for Battlefield 3 and the Steam Daily Deal / Midweek Madness sales. Are you ready for the hottest Gaming News of this year? 

Call Of Duty Elite:


So this is going to cause a ruckus in the forums here at LanOC. Looks like Call Of Duty is going to a paid subscription for Map Packs and stats. Let me say this first and foremost. 

Nothing will change on how you play online. The map packs will still sell individually. You don't need this to play online. Subscribers will not have an advantage online either.

Glad that we got that outta the way. You can kinda think of this as Halo Waypoint or Bungie Pro. You get more stat tracking and map packs built into the price. I know that most of the maps for the COD games are cheaper on Steam if you pre-order them. This will probably attract the "Hardcore" COD online players. I can see LanOC Member Shocka going for this cause that kids just PWND's people in tourney's. For people like that the stats that will probably help out. There is also social intergration that might help out but we have LanOC forums and Ventrillo for stuff like that. Don't get me started on Facebook, lol.

What will be interesting is how many people actually subscribe to this service and how much it is. If it's the price of say a Netflix or Gamefly account then it's not worth it. If it's say $30 a year  with 2 map packs then its not a bad deal. Then again, you are buying map packs that you might not even want.  

Thanks to Joystiq for the link.

Battlefield 3:

The nice people over at PWND have posted a vid of a Battlefield 3 Special. Here ya go.

Midweek Madness 1:

Who doesn't like building cities to watch them flourish? You may not want them to succeed but rather build it up then have them fail in your own weird way. Maybe your the type that likes to build a city that has no food or waste services. Whatever it may be CitiesXL 2011 can do it. I have town built right now that is falling apart, for some reason the people are jamming the roads and it takes 5 hours to go one mile, lol. Either way pick it up this week for 75% off.

Midweek Madness 2:

Check out Thief this week. If you don't have it now's a good time to pick it up. Don't eat lunch one day this week and use that $5 for this.

Steam Daily Deals:


Remember to check each day for the lastest deal. "GIANT" props goes to Lesar for keeping this up to date.

E3 2011:


It's that time of year again for a bunch of stinky nerds to jam a convention center to see the newest games and see what is coming in the next few years. I will be watching the Sony press conference for sure to see how the handle the DDoS and how that has impacted them. Should be very interesting to say the least.

Nintendo will also be showing off the Wii2/HD or whatever they are going to be calling it. Exciting times in the games industry for sure.

Make sure to be tuned in to LanOC for all the gaming coverage and your favorite blogs.



So I picked this up back when it was sale, if I remember right it was under $10. The game has some really interesting qualities about it. The gun mechanic is about the same in our beloved COD games. The way the health works is not my favorite. Overall though its been a fun game.

Singularity_2011-05-18_17-51-28-94_edited-2                                               The guns in the game are pretty messed up, looking that is. Think 1940's with 2011 tech on them. 

Singularity_2011-05-18_18-15-05-02                                                                  Anyone for some crazy Russian Spelling? Why is it that this looks this cool?

Singularity_2011-05-18_18-26-13-35                                                                     This is one cool moment in the game. Time Transformation is a go!

Singularity_2011-05-18_18-28-03-31                                                             Rewinding time for fast forwarding time will help you make it through the levels.

Singularity_2011-05-18_18-39-58-44                                 Getting thru time requires rifts. These are positioned throughout the level and are not hard to miss. See one? Jump in it.

Singularity_2011-05-18_19-03-41-96                                                                     Looks like somebody forgot to call the janitor in for the last 50 years!

So the way the health works is you have to have a constant supply of "Med Kits". Any damage that you take will take away from your health bar. This becomes a burden always looking for packs when you should be exploring the game. Could it be differnet? Yes. Does it break the game? No.

The game did run excellent on my "Main Rig" with average 125fps with everything cranked. Nvidia Surround was not used in gameplay. I couldn't find one issue that hampered my gameplay at all with performance of the game.

The next time this game goes on sale for "El' Cheapo" I wouldn't have a problem recommending it. The time mechanic was just awesome to mess around with. Making enemies wither away before your eyes because you've sped up their aging is funny and ridiculous at the same time.

Well that's a wrap on Gaming News. Next week is going to be nuts. With E3 in full swing we will have no shortage of news coming out of LA. Hope everyone has a good week and stay up to date with everything that is going on with LanOC on our forums. Thanks everyone.

Wingless is out!
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L0rdG1gabyt3's Avatar
L0rdG1gabyt3 replied the topic: #16027 03 Jun 2011 23:02
Perhaps I should start upgrading/replacing my computer now so I can run BF3 when it comes out..... I think it may be the one game I pay full price for this year!
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #16029 04 Jun 2011 00:43
yeah your going to need to toss your current video card lol. Get in touch i have a few cards that I have been given that are just sitting here, sometimes still wrapped in the box
L0rdG1gabyt3's Avatar
L0rdG1gabyt3 replied the topic: #16030 04 Jun 2011 02:30

garfi3ld wrote: yeah your going to need to toss your current video card lol. Get in touch i have a few cards that I have been given that are just sitting here, sometimes still wrapped in the box

Yeah! Ill put it in the kids computer....
I have priced a few builds... need to clear one with the CFO of the family then we shall see. Hopefully it will be soon. btw, is there an official release date for BF3 yet?
Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #16031 04 Jun 2011 02:50
I haven't seen one yet.

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