Well it’s Wednesday and the Crysis 2 demo is out, welcome to Gaming News for 3/2/2011:

Civ 5 Update:


For you Civ 5 lovers there is a huge update ready for you to download right now. If you head over here you can check out the full details. I really need to invest some more time into this game. So many games to play right now, but is that a bad thing? You be the judge.

Steam Midweek Madness Sale:

Have you been holding off picking up Braid cause you needed a good reason to buy it? Now's the time, for a whole $2.99 this highly rated Metacritic game can be yours. Remember, this deal runs out on Thursday 7pm EST and not a minute later. Get it while it's hot!

Crysis 2:


When I first played Crysis I was in awe of the graphics, wasn’t everybody? But this alone isn’t the end all be all. To really capture a player the game needs to grab and pull you in. This can be done in many ways, story, how the game plays, etc. Most people used Crysis as the benchmarking tool for GPU’s and really never looked deep enough in it to really appreciate it. Sure, you could run through the game never really experimenting with the Nanosuit and have fun but, the whole game revolves around the Nanosuit. Figuring out different ways to get through a situation was one of  Crysis’s high points. I just recently (as in the last two weeks) went back through Crysis Warhead. When you are playing a game it’s weird how people will play it in their own way. Some people will just blow through it not really paying attention to the story (I am guilty of this) just to say they’ve finished it. When you take the time to really immerse yourself into the game and start taking every single detail in you really start to see the brighter side of gaming.

On to what you really wanna know, how does the game run? Well pretty damn good so far. I have put a couple of rounds into it and no crashes or other weird things yet. I did crank the graphics to Hardcore (the highest setting) and the game ran great at 1920x1080. I was seeing right around 70fps average. Remember though, this is on an i7, 6gb  DDR3 RAM and SLi’ed GTX580’s. I also am going to run it on a more well rounded computer with an i5, 4gb DDR3 RAM and a GTX 560Ti and give you the results when Steam decides to finish downloading it. Nvidia put up a great website that show’s six different cards and what their results show, which can be found here. It’s a great little tool to use if you want to see what class your rig will fall into. I did have one weird situation where I enabled Nvidia Surround on 3 24in 1080p monitors and the framerates plummeted. After turning the graphic to Gamer (the lowest setting) I was looking for a bump in framerates but a bit less quality of the textures. To my surprise the game didn’t run any better, still in the 20fps average and the textures of the game really fell off. Usually when you turn the graphics down you see a bump in frames but this didn’t happen. Looking over at EVGA’s Precision tool both cards were around 95% duty cycle. So the cards were being worked but still at the Gamer setting I would have liked to see a bump in the framerate department. There was postives to the game though. The mulitplayer uses the same logon as Battlefield Bad Company 2. So you don't have to create a new username and password, it's using your EA login. The game feels fantastic, if you are used to the Call Of Duty games then you are going to feel right at home. I did notice that they changed the voice for the Nanosuit. It still sounds bad ass when you switch into "Maximum Armor" but I wish they would of kept the same voice actor. The lighting in the levels is some of the best i've ever seen. Looking out of a dark hallway to the outside it's really hard to see, just like in real life. As you walk outside the sun fades and you get your vision back. It seems very natural in game and not over done. Same type of experience happens when you look into a pool of water on the ground. Depending on what angle that you look into it the brighter or darker it becomes. It's something that's very hard to explain but very easy to pick out when you see it in game. So what are you waiting for, head on over to your Steam account and download the demo now. Hopefully we can play this, this week on our Game Nights (Wednesday and Friday).

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Is anyone else sick and tired of the crazy weather that we've been having? Let get the sunshine out and the 80 degree temps, hello summertime. Queue the music please. Wingless is out!

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