Welcome to Wednesday people, it’s your LanOC gaming news roundup.

Midweek Madness Sale:


All of the Dawn of War games are on sale this week. If you like RTS games then I highly recommend these games. Sure, some of them aren’t the best but some of them are. Am I the only one that reads the Metecritic score? Anyways, do yourself a favor and check these games out. A side note, the newest game Retribution is not on sale.

Call of Duty: Black Ops:


Another update has come out for the multiplayer side of the game. Head on over to the Steam News page to read what has been updated. I am looking forward to the 16x AA option that is now in the game. Will it hammer the GPU? Will your frame rates plummet? Try it for yourself.

Battlefield 3:


Looks like the peeps over at DICE are getting their PC nerd on. Reading today that DICE is going to focus on the PC version of the game will probably cause some of you to settle down a bit. Rumors were that the PC version might have been a console port. Well, after today, we can put those worries behind us. Also, when is it big news that a game has dedicated servers? Have we become so accustomed to not having these that when a game does have them the dev’s brag about it? I hope this doesn’t continue in the future.

Test Drive Unlimited 2:

Anyone like driving games? I have spent countless hours driving to my hearts desire. I can remember all the time that I have put into Forza 2. That might have been cause it came free with my Xbox but none the less it was a fun game that sucked many hours out of my life. Who doesn't wanna blast down roads at break neck speeds with total disregard for authority. For only $40 you might want to take a look at TDU2.

Don't forget that our Mini-Lan v 7.5 is coming up here soon, Febuary 19th to be exact. Please come out and support our community and game with fellow LanOC'ers. For all the info that you need, here is the thread that you need to read.

I know that it was kinda light this week but school and work have been kicked into high gear. I am going to be playing more and more Global Agenda here soon and give a full review. Also of note, Wednesday and Friday's are LanOC gaming nights. Even if you don't own the game that we are playing jump in our Ventrillo channel and chat with us. All I can say is last Friday, Plauge sounded like a certain person from Star Wars and hilarity ensued. We will see you tonight LanOC. Have a fun and safe rest of the week everyone.

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