Hey everybody, Wednesday is here and it's time for more gaming news. I have been pretty busy this week but I managed to come up with a couple of stories worth talking about. The LanOC community came up with the new name of LanOC Gaming News for my weekly article. Thanks everyone. Read on to find out what they are!


Goldeneye 007 Wii

I remember when the original Goldeneye came out. That was my first time that I had played an FPS. From the moment I started playing, I was in love. For some reason, when I was in the world running around and sniping people from the other side of the map, I knew it was something special. I would spend the next year playing Goldeneye for countless hours, whether it be messing around blowing stuff up or playing multiplayer with some friends. On Tuesday the reboot of Goldeneye shipped. I knew this was going to be a day one purchase for me. Remembering how much fun I had with the first one and how it opened the doors for FPS's to me, this is one game that I wasn't going to miss. I want to say this from the beginning so everyone has a clear understanding. I use my Wii only sparingly. I am not a fan of standing up in front of my TV, waving my arms around. That is not how I want to play games, I want to sit down, relax and play the game. Playing Goldeneye I used the Classic Controller allowing me to relax in my chair and play the game how I want to play it.

Moving on, the first thing that I noticed was the graphics. For some reason this game reminds me of Counter Strike. It's not impressive in the graphics department but that's not what makes these games fun. It's all of the elements combined. The sound of the game is impressive. If you are a fan of Ian Flemings 007 series then it will feel like a reunion of voices in your head. Daniel Craig and Judy Dench are just some of the familiar voices that you will hear. People like sound and graphics of games but we all know that these aren't the rise and fall of a game, it's gameplay. For starters, all of the guns in the game feel great. When you fire a weapon you feel like you are actually using a gun. There is an appropriate amount of feedback with all the guns. The one problem that I do have is that the guns are "HUGE". Especially the sniper rifles, the scopes take up a large amount of screen real estate. It's like your holding the largest sniper rifle ever to grace the planet. Maybe Eurocom wanted us to really see the details of the guns.

Other aspects of the game include allowing the player to use the Wiimote and Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Gamecube controller and the Wii Zapper. So there is a controller option for almost anyone. Worth noting, if you pick up the $70 edition of the game it comes with a gold Classic Controller for those players that don't have that controller yet. As for the Multi-player aspect of the game I have played about two hours worth of multi-player. I was throughly impressed. The game ran smooth with tad bits of lag thrown in but overall it was perfect. It's actually nice not to hear screaming kids and people saying "Tubers", then again it would be nice to be able to talk in game. Overall, i'm going to be playing this game for the next couple of months. Hopefully I will remember it just like I did the original Goldeneye.


Theatre Of War

So as our readers may have noticed I am always excited to see what the Midweek Madness sale is on Steam. It's a chance to add a game/s to our collection and maybe find a game that we may have missed. This weeks sale is Theatre Of War. You can pick up four games for $11.25 for a total savings of 75%! I have never played these games but I am looking forward to seeing what they are all about. You can click on the this link to add them to your Steam account.



We also have Trine as a Midweek Madness game. This link  will tell you all you need about Trine. If you are a side scrolling fan then this is a great little game. I have put about an hour into this game but I need to go back and finish it. This game is easily worth the $5 asking price.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Server

Our community has stepped up and fronted the entire cost of our Black Ops server for a whole year! We will be launching more news about the server in the coming week. Stay tuned to the forums. For an up to date account of whats going on with our server check out this forum post that our editor Adam/Lesar made.

Well that is all for this week. I am trying to broaden our horizons, that is why you will see a big mix of gaming news. We have a weekly gaming news thread up for our community to jump into and tell us what you want us to talk about. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this. We want to hear from you! Until next week, stay frosty!
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #11707 03 Nov 2010 20:21
Can't wait for Black Op's!
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J_E_R_O_M_E replied the topic: #11708 03 Nov 2010 20:23

garfi3ld wrote: Can't wait for Black Op's!


And I would love to check out Goldeneye!

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