Stockholm/San Jose, Calif. – November 29, 2012: Nearly 50 percent of women have tried bondage with their partner, according to new research from Swedish designer brand LELO. With a total of 19,000 respondents, the first results from the LELO Global Survey have been streamlined to form an entertaining and insightful infographic, documenting feedback from 10,000 women between the ages of 25-50 from eight different countries. Supplemented by LELO sales figures and external research, the results highlight a profound shift in women’s attitudes towards sexual relationships, and a surge in interest for sensual accessories with LELO reporting 400 percent growth in certain categories.

Most interesting, particularly in the light of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon, is the data that confirms women are the driving force behind more open sexual discussion and discovery.  The infographic covers details extending through the duration of sexual encounters, to the most common places to have sex outdoors. Everything points to fact that 2012 was a landmark year for becoming more adventurous in and out of the bedroom, and it is women who are driving this change.

Both the initial findings and the infographic have been released just in time for the holiday season to support LELO’s launch of the new Dare Me and Indulge Me Pleasure Sets. Both Pleasure Sets are hand-picked selections of LELO bestsellers, combined to offer two distinct experiences sought by couples looking to spice up their love lives. Embodying fantasies from the “Fifty Shades” series is the Dare Me Pleasure Set, which combines the Sensua Suede Whip, the Etherea Silk Cuffs, and LELO’s new LUNA Beads™ Noir. The Indulge Me Pleasure Set features the Intima Silk Blindfold and the Tantra Feather Teaser, which complement the NOA™ Couples’ Massager, which is worn by women during intercourse.

On this latest release, LELO US Sales and Marketing Director, Donna Faro, said, “As we can see from the significant increase in the demand of soft BDSM accessories, times are certainly changing. It’s great news that women are becoming more at ease about their sexual needs, and communicating with their partners more openly. The results point to an increase in sexual confidence, and hopefully in the very near future, every woman will feel confident enough to realize their full sexual potential.” 

The comprehensive results of the survey will be published in a series of revelations over the first two quarters of 2013, where LELO will be launching a new global survey in its ongoing quest to inform the public on changing attitudes about sexual wellness. 

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