img_2027-lanoc-reviews-smallOur good friends at Coolermaster decided to forgo the trouble of having a booth at CES this year and instead go all out with a suite in one of Vegas's famous hotel casinos. The money saved not having a booth they were able to pickup the penthouse suite in the Palms hotel. They invited both my wife Alex and I to their CES party on top of our scheduled meeting. We showed up to their party late after a long first day walking the CES floor. Even though I had an upset stomach and a head ache I made it anyway. When you get invited to a penthouse party in Vegas you can't turn that down, lol. Once we got there I noticed right away that the view was amazing. After being introduced to all of the important people from Coolermaster USA they gave us a tour of their current and upcoming products.  The following pictures were taken the next day at my meeting; I didn't have the camera when we came to the party.


They started off with a quick run through of their current power supply selection.


From there they took me into a separate room dedicated to their new brand Choiix (pronounced Choice). Choiix will be giving people designer style along with the cooling performance that has been learned in the past with the Coolermaster brand. Most of the focus at this time is on the Eee PC and other small laptops or netbooks.  Their "Air-Though" impressed me with a new way to keep your laptop cool no matter where the vents are on the underside. I likened the style of Choiix to something you would see at ikea.






Next, they showed off their new and upcoming cases from the standard Coolermaster line. Here are a few. Haf 922- A mid tower version of the popular Haf



Sileo 500 - focusing on keeping your rig silent, Coolermaster coated almost all of the panels with sound deadening.

c2b0tc2b3i-9blackc2b0tc2b3i-22 A nice picture of the Cosmos Black, it's a shame that they only made 500 of them. And they are almost all gone from the states. img_2149

A Coolermaster branded notebookcoolers



Elite 360 - a low end case for a basic build that still has Coolermaster's great cooling. I also love how you can use this case on its side or as a tower. The Coolermaster logo will rotate to keep it visible. img_2086

img_2088 New Elite - A mid tower for people on a midsized budget. I love the styled side window and the colored front ring. I am told the front ring will may be swappable with other colors when this case is released.  The name of this product is set to change.

img_2090 Gladiator 600 - another mid range case, this one reminds me of the Coolermaster 690. I think this would be a great pick for a build for anyone who isn't into the flashy stuff. It does have a Blue LED fan on the front, but there is a button to turn the lighting off. img_2095 You can tell they have been super busy with additions to their heatsink line. V10 - This is the big daddy! With three full heatsinks, 10 heatpipes, two 120mm fans, and if that's not enough they have included a TEC (thermo-electric cooler) module on it also.  With 200+ Watts of cooling this monster should have no trouble cooling anything. We should be testing this in the near future!


V8 - This heatsink is already out.


Hyper N520


Hyper N620

Hyper N620

Both the Hyper N520 and N620 have an interesting cross flow fan layout that they say improves performance.


Just before CES Coolermaster introduced a full new line of cases designed for gamers by gamers called CM Storm. I could really tell just by some of the features that they focused on the lan crowd with these cases. Sniper - I love the easy lifting points on the top to make this easy to carry around. The fan controller is designed to allow additional fans for those who will need it. Above the PCI slots they included a peripheral lock meaning you can prevent someone from taking your mouse and keyboard while at a lan.



Scout - With one easy to grab handle up top this case is perfect for people who will be going to a lot of lans.


As you can see, Coolermaster will be hitting the ground running this year with some great new products. If that wasn't enough while we were at their amazing party we made out in the raffle. Olin from was nice enough to give Alex his ticket for the grand prize raffle; she ended up winning an Xbox 360 Arcade. Major thanks go to him for his kindness! To top it off I won a full PC from Coolermaster and CyberpowerPC. I don't know a lot about the details yet although I know it's going to have a i7 CPU, SLI, and be packed full of top of the line Coolermaster products so it has to be kick ass! I would like to thank all of the people from Coolermaster for inviting us out to their amazing party and giving us a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year from them. And because I know you guys will want them, here are a few more pics of the girls.








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