"When it comes to portable audio, consumer clamor centers around three main devices: the ever popular headband based headphones (especially amongst audiophiles), this millennium’s mainstream earbuds (as made, unfortunately, popular by the iPod), or in-ear monitors. However, most consumers, with the exception of today's bargain-hunting audiophiles, know next to nothing about the fourth alternative - the clip-on headphone. You'll be hard pressed to find more than a handful of these "fourth alternative" headphones, especially in retail stores. And, besides the many audio communities on the internet, the day a clip-on headphone, even a classic such as the Koss KSC-75, makes it onto a mainstream gadget toplist is, indeed, a rare one. Unfortunately, this means that many people looking at portable audio solutions completely miss out. Clip-on headphones offer the similar, large, soundstage and placement security of their headband-clad counterparts, while also having the portability of in-ear monitors or earbuds. Hopefully, Yuin (pronounced yu-yin), an upcoming audio manufacturer, will be able to put the spotlight on the clip-on headphone with their G2A." Yuin G2A Clip-on Headphones @ Reviewstash.com
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