Today's modern processors generate a lot of heat and modern coolers can generally wick away the heat and keep the processor running cool. Industry standard is the tower style cooler. The tower style cooler, just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, is designed with a base that comes in contact with the IHS of the processor. The base houses a number of heat-pipes that travel upwards through a finsink and attached to the finsink is a fan of some sort. That's all fine and well in a mid or full tower case and even some desktop cases but what about small form factor cases or mATX and mini-ITX cases such as an HTPC case? Most of these cases take a special cooler as they have a limited height between the CPU and the top of the case. Granted the stock Intel and AMD coolers will fit, but who wants to stay with stock cooling performance? The cooler you can keep the processor, the longer it will last. Enter ThermalTake and their MeOrb cooler. This miniscule powerhouse stands a meager 47mm from the base to the top of the finsink. It packs a 90mm integrated PWM fan to help with the cooling duties. At 47mm it is bound and determined to fit in all but the smallest of cases and cool quietly and efficiently. With all the "smallness" that surrounds the MeOrb is its function as good as its form? Read on to find out, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. ThermalTake MeOrb Low Profile CPU Cooler @ Hightech-Hardware

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