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Based on customer feedback, Hub Innovations has re-engineered and re-invented the HandStand – increasing ergonomics, comfort, efficiency and style

Houston, Texas – November 7, 2011 –
Hub Innovations, a company dedicated to developing innovative products in the U.S., is excited to announce the availability of the REV360 (formally known as HandStand), a revolutionary, rotational and protective iPad case that effortlessly spins 360 degrees.

“We have been working to improve the HandStand for consumers, businesses and institutions,” says Jaime Smith, president and founder of Hub Innovations. “We pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ feedback and creativity.  Based on their response, we have re-invented the HandStand and are excited to bring to market the REV360. With a sleek new design, the REV360 is the perfect choice for integrating the iPad into everyday use whether personal or business – from government programs, healthcare systems, educational institutions, sales teams, customer service and more.”

100% designed and manufactured in the U.S. from recycled plastics and resin, the REV360 has implemented modifications to heighten the overall user experience and increase the ergonomics, comfort, efficiency and style while using the iPad.  

Key enhancements include:

  • iPad Attachment  – The molded polyurethane cover has been redesigned to conform to the iPad’s shape making it incredibly easy to put on and take off the iPad while still offering protection
  • Hand Disk –  A new spherical design conforms to your finger’s natural tendency to rest in a curved position adding to the comfort of the rotating hand disk
  • Integrated iPad Stand  –  Re-positioning of the integrated stand increases hand comfort and optimal viewing while typing during tabletop use
  • Smart Cover Compatible –  With the REV360, there will be a Smart Cover compatible option
Like the HandStand, the REV360 features:
  • Rotating Disk – Allows users to effortlessly spin the iPad from landscape to portrait
  • Polyurethane iPad Case – Durable design provides protection for iPad without scuffing
  • Elastic Strap – Comfortable one-size-fits-all strap keeps iPad firmly in place
The REV360 for iPad and iPad 2 comes in in white, black, pink, orange, green, blue, copper, gray, purple and red as well as patterns such as animal print, carbon fiber and digital camouflage. The REV360 is now available for $49.95 and is available for purchase at www.hubinnovations.com.
Also available now, is the Krypton iForce, a screen protector for iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4/4S. While the REV360 protects the back and sides of the iPad, the Krypton iForce uses a protective film to protect the face of the device.  Made from the same ultra-durable material used for protection in the auto, defense and aerospace industries, the Krypton iForce has a unique self-healing property that keeps the iPad and iPhone looking pristine. The Krypton iForce is now available from $12.95 to $22.95.  
For more of the latest news on Hub Innovations, follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Hub Innovations
Founded in October 2010, Hub Innovations (formerly known as Hub International, LLC) is focused on developing a line of products that change the way users protect and use mobile devices.  Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States – a pledge made to themselves and their customers when the company was founded -- Hub Innovations also prides itself on developing unique and stylish concepts and stylish products, inspired by innovation and pure design, that enable people to run their business and personal lives more efficiently. Learn more about Hub Innovations at www.hubinnovations.com, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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Author: Koolaid84

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