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The tournaments will be played using the latest release patch. If you intended to participate, please ensure you have League of Legends downloaded and updated to the latest patch prior to the event.

Sign-up will take place at the event through the ALP. This is a local control panel that is available via web for everyone. If you have additional questions please contact a member of staff prior to or at the event.

For BYOT, teams will be created and populated by pre-arranged members of five at the event. Players without are welcome to play, arranging "PUG" teams for others without a team to join. If an uncomplete team or teams exist, staff reserves the right to merge "PUG" team rosters as they see fit.

For Random, players signed up for the tournament on the ALP will be randomly shuffled to teams by staff.

Date and Time:

BYOT: 12:00PM Sunday Sign-up lockout, 1:00PM Sunday Tournament start

Random: 8:00PM Saturday Sign-up lockout, 9:00PM Saturday Tournament start

Sign-up deadline will be an hour before the tournament begins. Once the deadline passes, sign-up for the tournament will be locked. During this time, staff will generate the brackets and communicate with the teams regarding matchmaking arrangement. In the case of random teams, team rosters will also be created as soon as possible to allow maximum communication time before the tournament begins.

Tournament format will be All Random All Mid (ARAM), utilizing the custom game type created by Riot Games. If you are not familiar with this mode, please review the rules prior to the event. Worth noting are item and summoner spell restrictions, Recall disabled, and regenartion/shopping at the spawn pool available only after reviving from a death.

Matches will be created as a Custom Game. Please note that this disables the "re-roll" function Riot introduced in normal queues of ARAM.

Riot does not enforce summoner level or champion pool minimum requirements, and none will be enforced for the tournaments. However, we strongly recommend reaching at least level 11, which will unlock the Flash summoner spell, a staple in the vast majority of builds.

The tournaments will be played on the Howling Abyss map.

Standard LanOC tournament rules apply, including:

1. Attempting to cheat or do harm in any way will result in disqualification.
2. Failure to report for matchmaking within a reasonable amount of time, as determined by staff, will result in disqualification from the tournament. In the event of a team tournament, it will be up to the remaining members to decide whether to forfeit or compete without the tardy/absent player.
3. Pausing/timeouts are dictated entirely by the design of the game mode. If the game does not support or allow it, no custom pauses or timeouts will be allowed.
4. If a player is experiencing hardware or network problems, the match may be restarted within three minutes of its start.

Unique to the ARAM mode, creating a "smurf", or new account, to increase the odds of randoming a certain champion will be constituted as cheating. Staff reserves the final call on investigations of this nature.

NOTE: Rules are subject to change before the event.
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05 Sep 2013 05:31 #32625 by Plague
Patch 3.11 went in today... update before you come. might be another patch friday.
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