unanswered Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM 1000W

27 May 2022 21:57 #38885 by garfi3ld
Product Name: Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM...

Storytime gather around. I remember back in the day when Be Quiet! first approached us and sponsored one of our LANs. That first time while they were established in Europe, the US market was still new to them. So new that all of the power supplies that came in had their EU power cords. Well, things have changed, the Be Quiet! brand is well known and they have established their reputation for quality and as the name would imply, for keeping the noise down. So I’m always excited what something new from the Be Quiet! team comes in. This time around we have the Pure Power 11 FM in the 1000 watt variation. Their Pure Power lineup is their more budget-friendly lineup and the FM means full modular which should fall right in the range that most people are looking for so let’s check out what they have going on.



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