unanswered Project Data Hoarder – TrueNAS CORE Build Part 5 – Figuring out problems and upgrades

20 Aug 2021 17:22 #38849 by garfi3ld
Title: Project Data Hoarder – TrueNAS CORE Build Part 5 –...

In my previous coverage on our TrueNAS CORE build, I got the entire system together but I skipped talking about how I hooked up the 8 SATA drives to our mATX motherboard. I had a plan when going in, but sometimes things don’t go the way you had planned. In fact, my problems went even beyond that. So today I want to run through what went wrong with our original plan and then our backup plan as well and go over what I ended up doing. When getting things running I also ended up adding an upgrade as well. So let's get up to date on the TrueNAS CORE servers current setup and why!



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