unanswered Lexar NM620 512GB

13 May 2021 18:10 #38834 by garfi3ld
Lexar NM620 512GB was created by garfi3ld
Product Name: Lexar NM620 512GB
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While PCIe gen 4.0 drives are starting to trickle into the market now that AMD and Intel both support it on their latest chipsets. The reality is that most PCs out right now still use PCIe gen 3.0 so there is still a lot of need for them. So it isn’t a big surprise to still see companies bringing out new gen 3 drives. A good example of this is the NM620 from Lexar which came out a few months ago which pushes gen 3.0 to its limits. Today I’m going to check out the NM620 to see what Lexar has going on and to see how their new drive performs.



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