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10 Apr 2019 20:10 #38650 by garfi3ld
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Product Name: WD Blue SN500 250GB
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Back in January WD introduced their new WD Black SN750 SSD and I took a look at it. Its performance was extremely impressive but as I pointed out in our Crucial P1 and XPG SX6000 reviews, not everyone is looking to get the biggest and best SSD. Up until now the people looking for a cheaper drive have basically had to settle for SATA based drives. Recently though a few NVMe drives have been finally getting down into those SATA M.2 drive prices and WD has joined in as well with their new WD Blue SN500. It might not be as exciting when it comes to raw performance like the WD Black, but I am curious to see how it performs with its $54.99 price point right now for the 250GB model. So today I’m going to see what the new drive is all about, check out its performance, then see how it compares to the other cheaper NVMe drives on the market.



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11 Apr 2019 00:29 #38651 by VaporX
Replied by VaporX on topic WD Blue SN500 250GB
The use of TLC makes me happy. I am using Inland Pro NVME drives for the lower cost. They have slower speeds than most NMVE drivers but still way faster than SATA and have TLC. The use of QLC is not just about lose of durability but also lose of speed with the write speeds slowing down a LOT uder loner use.

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