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17 Jan 2011 14:30 #13399 by Wingless92
Welcome to Wednesday, it's been two weeks since our last update but I wanted to take time with Black Ops

Call Of Duty: Black Ops


So we all know about the Call Of Duty series. We have been playing them for awhile now. The are the games that we all have fun with at LanOC LAN's and we play them online together. Black Ops is no different, we are back to dedicated servers which were missing in COD: MW2. Gamerserver's is the hosting company for the servers and you can join the LanOC community on our 18 slot Ranked server at LanOC Reviews. That is the name you need to search for in the server browser.

So with the launch of Black Ops last Tuesday we started hearing reports of massive problems on the PC version. First off, there was a lag issue that seems to be fixed somewhat. Here is a video that I shot while in-game the first day. The game was unplayable at this time. The forums around the internet went up in flames. People were ready to throw the towel in and call it a day.

There was also a problem with the server browser. Servers weren't showing up and and trying to add the server to your favorites list didn't work either. Gameservers.com came out and said that they back end was getting hammered with all the new players. They upgraded their servers and all seems to be running fine, NOT!

As the last week wore on more and more of our community started playing online and keep running into the same problems. Getting into our server after we added it to our favorites list most of the time doesn't work. Another problem that I have been having is when I click on Ranked Match and takes me a couple of try's to get into a match. Why in the world would the game try and connect me to a game that is already full? When I click on Ranked Match I want to transported to a game that is ready to go, not one that is already full. There is still a problem with the server browser not showing all of the servers that are live. Over the weekend I was at a LAN and was having a terrible time trying to join any server that was listed. Also, searching for the LanOC server didn't come up with any results. Whatever is happening over at Gameservers.com they need to get it figured out and fast. The game has been out for a week and the issue's with the server browser and ranked matches are still not resolved.

The issue with the lag has been better but the game is not where it should be. The system I play on is an i7 920, 6gb RAM and two GTX 480's in SLi. This setup should max out the 91 framerate cap that the developers put in the Call Of Duty games. For some reason, the framerate likes to drop every once in awhile. I know that other members of our community are having similar issues with the game.  Hopefully Treyarch will keep patching the game for us PC gamers. This of should of never happened. It's almost as if their Q&A department didn't even test the game. Atleast they patched the game a couple of days later but it didn't solve all of the problems that we are having. Hopefully Treyarch will keep supporting us PC gamers and make the right decisions. No one wants to play a game with loads of bugs and issues with performance

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