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03 Nov 2010 22:44 #11805 by garfi3ld
CES 2009 - Nyko was created by garfi3ld

img_2298-lanoc-reviews-smallIf you don't own a Nyko Wiimote charge station you probably know someone who does. The charge station is the highest selling third party peripheral in North America. Because of that I would be really surprised if you didn't know who Nyko is or why I was excited to see what they are up to. I wasn't surprised to see a charge station at our meeting, but the one I was looking at had a few small changes. What I saw had updated batteries and a gauge to show you how charged your Wiimote's are. I was happy to hear that this will not be a new model but rather a on the fly update to the current model. It is good to see that they aren't planning on just letting things ride, they are going to continue to update all of their products as needed to stay competitive in the market.



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