unanswered OCZ Summit MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1SUM120G @ Benchmark Reviews

03 Nov 2010 17:14 #11535 by garfi3ld

Samsung makes the DRAM modules found in nearly all popular SSD products today, with Elpida and Qimonda also adding their name to cache buffer parts. JMicron, Indilinx, and Samsung engineer many of the most well-known SSDs on the market, with OEM companies adding their own branding, custom-tuned firmware, and warranty. The OCZ Summit SATA-II MLC SSD is another such OEM product, built from the PB22-J model that Samsung decided not to ODM and sell themselves. Equipped with the Samsung S3C29RBB01 SSD controller and a 128MB cache buffer, OCZ intends to keep their crown as the King of SSD product offerings with the Summit OCZSSD2-1SUM120G.

OCZ Summit MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1SUM120G @ Benchmark Reviews


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