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03 Nov 2010 17:12 #11528 by garfi3ld

ASUS_EN9400GT_front_page [news]"Home Theater Personal Computers have been on the rise in recent years but most HTPC cases have a major flaw that makes them inherently tricky to deal with, their size. Some say size doesn't matter, well that may be true for some things in life but when it comes to HTPC's, if it's small it means limited air flow and thus it's cooling capabilities are limited. It also means that you just can't fit a very powerful video card inside of it. Even if you could, a bigger video card means more heat and we all know that heat is the number one enemy of all your computer components. So what if there was such a video card that would not only fit inside of a small form factor HTPC case but one that can perform well enough to meet the demands an HTPC requires all the while keeping it's cool? Sounds impossible? Maybe or maybe not. Here at Benchmark Reviews, you will find a lot of high end video ca! rd reviews just like many other review websites but not everyone is looking for a high end video card. Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS EN9400GT GeForce 9400GT HDMI video card and puts it through a battery of frame rate tests to see just how well the 9400 GT performs and whether or not it can live up to the requirements of living inside of a HTPC case."

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