unanswered Rock Pedal Kick Pedal

03 Nov 2010 17:06 #11506 by garfi3ld

So how many times have you broke a Rock Band kick pedal while playing "Run to the Hills" on expert? None? Me either. Drums are too damn hard. I have, however, managed to break two while playing savagely through the medium career.  All this serves to prove is that the Rock Band peripherals are terrible. Not that this is news to anyone at this point.  It's a good thing that some people have taken up a proactive solution to this problem.  The visionaries at Rock Pedal have formulated an answer to kick pedal woes:  the Rock Pedal.  Coincidence, or company name based off the product? You be the judge. Silly comments aside, they were kind enough to send us not one rock pedal,  but two in preparation for the LanOC v3 Drum-off.  Since then, we've had the opportunity to test the product proper, and this is what we thought....



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