unanswered Pegbeast! Cardborg! Cake! Go! Kahoots PSP minis is available to download now from PlayStation Store.

03 Nov 2010 13:59 #11225 by Shibumi
kahoots_pspLondon, UK 1st Oct 2009– Honeyslug are delighted to announce the launch of Kahoots for PSP as one of the inaugural PSP minis titles. Kahoots is a 50 level puzzle game where you control the blocks that form the floors to create a safe path to the exit for your Kahoot. Along the way there are special blocks which can help you to find your route home, but there are also traps which can harm the Kahoot as well as the Cardborg who will make their journey as tricky as possible. As well as finding the way out, there are Cakes to collect and awards to be won as well as a peek into where the Kahoots get up to when the reach an exit. Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can always rely on the Pegbeast’s songs to help you on your way!

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