unanswered OCZ Vertex EX SLC SSD OCZSSD2-1VTXEX120G @ Benchmark Reviews

03 Nov 2010 11:59 #11092 by garfi3ld

ocz_vertex_ex_slc_ssd_oczssd2-1vtxex120g-news"There are very few products that grab enthusiast attention like SSDs have. OCZ has created a well-deserved buzz around the industry since they launched their Core II, Apex, and Vertex multi-layer cell SSD products for retail consumers. Now they've gone one step further, and designed a SLC SSD for the demanding enterprise server segment. Benchmark Reviews welcomes the OCZ Vertex EX SSD OCZSSD2-1VTXEX120G into the ranks, and our bandwidth performance tests compare the Vertex EX to several other SSDs occupying the high-end market."

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