unanswered FSP NB S90

03 Nov 2010 09:35 #10995 by Lersar
FSP NB S90 was created by Lersar


It's often something we don't think about until we need it the most: a new notebook power adapter. Your laptop manufacture sent one with the computer, and its been great. But there are many reasons to consider picking up a spare and even more if you're a regular LAN attendee. These underestimated pieces of hardware can save you from a catastrophically epic fail. Great for gaming, work, or leisure an extra notebook adapter can even make you the savior of someone elses good time. However you look at, an extra adapter can never hurt. In fact, the one you pick up may end up out performing the adapter your laptop manufacturer sent. FSP Group has sent us a sample: the NB S90, with that exact goal in mind.


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