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The official first day of CES was today and getting back to the hotel now at midnight I finally have a chance to sum up a few of the things I saw today. My Day started and ended with our good friends at Cooler Master. In between I found the time to visit the OCZ suit; Crucial’s meeting space, MSI components, and Antec. In between a dropped by a few booths in my free time. Before I pass out Here is a quick summery


Cooler Master


Cooler Master shows off a few custom rigs using their cases


The upcoming V6 heatsink, coming in just under the v8 and v10, should be a low prices high performance


Notepal Ergo Stand, 5 angle adjustment and the ability to hold anything from a 9 inch netbook to a 17 inch laptop


1.2.3 Swapper, a 2.5 inch hard drive enclosure


Cardpal, under 10 bucks for an sd card reader


Cruiser, A mouse and mousepad combo available in many colors. The mouse expands to give it more height


G cool, a multiple function cooling pad


Cooler Master models anyone?


USP 100, low priced along with an included PSU, a wide body design gives an amazing amount of cabling room




The 690 II was released a few days ago with two models the Basic and advanced versions, this has to be the most exciting product at their booth for me this year


Storm SF19, not available yet but is cooler designed for large notebooks including the hard to fit 18.4 notebooks. Lots of cooling and special lighting effects will set this one apart


Adam, Wes, and (pimp) Joe of Cooler Master at the Cooler Master party in Aria Hotel.


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