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Starcraft 2 Rules:
Players: 2 vs. 2
Team Build: Preformed* (Bring your own Team)
Team Limit: even number of teams up to 20
Winning: Best of 1, Final will be Best of 3
Gameplay: Single elimination.

The map pool will consist of the following**:
- Arid Wastes
- Discord IV
- High Orbit
- Monlyth Ridge
- Scorched Haven
- Tarsonis Assault
- Twilight Fortress
- War Zone
- Gutterhulk
- Khaydarin Depths
- Omega Sector
- The Ruins of Tarsonis

- In the case of, network, computer or power failure, any affected matches will be restarted from the beginning.
- Should a game be restarted from the beginning, the new match will be played on the same map with the same races as the aborted match. Should a player have selected a random race for the aborted match, they will then pick the same race as was chosen for them by the randomizer.

*If you need a team there will be assistants with finding people at the LAN to make a team.
**In Best of 3 match, the losing team of the previous game may select the map for the following game. No map may be played more than once in the same match.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change before the event.
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^Good stuff.

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