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17 Mar 2011 09:22 - 18 Mar 2011 03:30 #14346 by Leonresevil2
I have been in love with Audiosurf since I first got it, and I've been anxious for a competition of skills for it, since everyone tends to use their own music (I apparently need Radiohead? :lol: )
Anyway, I thought I would lay some concept rules down, so we can get to discussing it early, so it won't be some rushed event that doesn't really happen as hoped. I am excited about this game for the lan, since it works so perfectly to our needs. It is a game with a great price, works for everyone, gives arcade-style scores, runs fine offline, offers various intensities and options, and a tournament could take as short as 10 minutes dedicated time with practice being done during free time.

Basic setup:
Ninja Mono (likely Ironmode), pre-determined setlist with songs made available beforehand for practice (except for one final "Test of Skills" song to be pulled from elsewhere), all playing can be done simultaneously from participants' computers using a distributed version of the songs. Perhaps one specified method of controls could be selected (mouse only, arrows only, etc.)

If we have enough varied interest, and people that want to play other modes, we could split it into non-combining brackets based on the characters.

As for LanOC legal stuff, I have found many songs that are available for free legit download from Last.fm or their respective artists, which makes everything all good. We could also make a Burn CD with the songs to be ran from the disc drive or saved to hard drive. Lastly, some of the songs I have found have explicit lyrics, I wasn't sure if we'd have to take offense to that as a group.

Additionally: I have a list of songs to start, if anyone shows any interest. Not going to post if no one wants to be involved.

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