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21 Mar 2019 14:07 #38641 by J_E_R_O_M_E
Anyone have any experience or suggestions on make or model for a somewhat budget gaming laptop? So far I have been looking in the $800 range but may be able to swing a little more maybe around $1000 given the proper setup. I have been out of the PC gaming for a few years and am looking to get back into it. Obviously a full gaming rig would be the preferred method and more bang for my buck.

the reason for wanting a laptop is to definitely be easily mobile. I would love to get back into participating and attending LANs. Also a major reason is I am a tech guy for a school district and a tech teacher and I are in the process of starting up an Esports program. So I want to be able to go back and forth on the regular with my own device.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.


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23 Mar 2019 10:16 #38643 by garfi3ld
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I don't have any specific suggestions but I can give you a rundown on what I would be looking for.

In that price range I would be aiming for a laptop with a GTX 1060. Beyond that if you are looking at anything with an AMD CPU make sure it is Ryzen based, there are still a lot of older laptops with older FX based CPUs and that wouldn't be a good buy.

Then I would stick with brands I know and trust like Asus, Toshiba, and a few of those. Razer also makes good laptops now but you won't find one in this price range without giving up a good GPU. From there once you find a few options check out the reviews foucisng on noise and cooling performance, that is what will set different models apart. Having the ability to upgrade the memory would be nice but isn't always an option now so if you do go with one with soldered memory make sure you have a good amount

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