If you’ve been around PC gaming long enough you recognize the Func brand from their award winning mousepads which all but defined the industry. Func is back again and this time they aim to bring that functional styling to an entire range of gaming peripherals. Today we take a look at the KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard which aims to be the perfect blend of gaming performance and functionality. Will this fresh look serve Func well or are they destined to be a one hit wonder? We'll find out.

We’ve reviewed our share of high capacity, mobile power banks for travelers and those on the go but today we take a look at the Energy Mouse from Genius which is a mobile power bank and so much more. While we’ve seen models that simply concentrate on the largest capacity possible and others that add in little extras like and LED flashlight, the Energy Mouse is well, a fully functioning wireless mouse that can charge your phone. We’ll be taking a look at both aspects of the device today. First as a functional wireless mouse and then as a mobile power bank.

Although all of the R9 270X’s and R9 280X’s that we have covered have been extremely exciting, especially the Toxic cards, to date we hadn’t had a chance to take a look at the newest cards from AMD. Today we finally have that chance. Sapphire sent over their R9 290 Tri-X for us to put through our tests. The Toxic cards have dominated in our other reviews so I am extremely interested in how well the 290 Tri-X will perform with it sharing a very similar cooling design. With high expectations, let’s jump into it and let the numbers do the talking.

The last time we took a look at a full SSD I was extremely impressed. That drive was the new Vector drive from OCZ, at the time a departure from what they had been doing. Around the same time as our review, OCZ introduced their new Vertex 450 drive that shares a lot with the Vector that I was especially impressed with. The 450 is designed to give you the same Barefoot Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller in the same aluminum shell but with 20nm MLC NAND rather than the 25nm MLC NAND that the Vector has. Let’s find out if the Vertex 450 is as impressive as the Vector.

Cooler Master offers a wide variety of power supply solutions, and understanding the multitude of series and product families can be a bit daunting. The units essentially break down into four main categories, gaming being an intermediate solution between enthusiast and entry-level units. The GX, or “Game Xtreme”, line of power supplies have recently been re-introduced with a few improvements that blur the lines between enthusiast, gamer, and their self-entitled silent demographics while continuing to pay mind to budgets of a crowd torn between a software library and the hardware required to support it. Today we have the 650W version of the new GXII PSU family, and we’ll take a look at what new offerings it brings to the table.

Over the past few years, there is one video card company that had really caught my eye with a couple unique products. PowerColor introduced the Devil 12 and has followed up with various Devil cards that have been really sharp. It’s always exciting to see a video card manufacture really step up. When PowerColor offered to send over their new R9 270X I jumped at the chance, excited to see what their PCS+ cooling is all about.

The past year has been full of up and downs like every year. Here at LanOC we have been chugging away like always. In the past year we hosted two awesome LAN parties, revamped the entire website, and survived two big launches from Intel, a launch from AMD on the CPU side, and big launches from both AMD and Nvidia on the video card side. Last year when I did my recap we had published 116 reviews for the year. For 2013 we bumped it up to an impressive 158 reviews thanks to a helpful staff and great companies. To start the New Year, I wanted to revisit the products that I gave my personal seal of approval on with the Editor’s Choice award to see if they are still my personal picks.

When it comes to mice, SteelSeries over the past few years has basically stuck with a single design that they have used on multiple mice. We first saw it with the Xai and later the Sensei but they have also used it on various branded mice and a smaller version on the Kinzu as well. When SteelSeries announced that they were bringing out a new mouse design with the Rival I was very interested, but also a little worried about messing with a good thing. After a short wait, we finally have the Rival in hand and can put it through its paces and see how the new design performs.

Just in time for Christmas we have a mid-tower for you, this time from Cougar. The MX500 promises to be a case with a gaming centric design and the capability to handle just about any ATX/mATX setup you could want to throw at it with an array of possible drive setups. With the promise or flexibility and expandability the MX500 looks to target gamers and ever since we got our hands on their Vortex PWM fans we knew Cougar was capable of making quality products. Let’s see if they can continue to impress us.

This past year at CES Nvidia introduced a new mobile product called the Shield. At the time, even after having a little time to play with it on the show floor, you could say I wasn’t exactly excited about it. The idea of gaming on a tablet was starting to win me over but I just couldn’t imagine trying to carry around something so bulky. This past spring and summer I spent even more time gaming on my tablets, especially the Nexus 7. Emulators and an ever growing collection of games started to win me over. Add in Nvidia’s changes to their drivers and the possibility of being able to stream PC gaming to the Shield and by the time it launched I had been converted into a full on fan of the device. Now nearly a year after its introduction I can finally sit down and talk about my experience with the Shield. Did it live up to my expectations? Read on time find out.


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