Over the past few years I could count on one hand all of the wireless gaming mice that have been introduced, it’s just something that you rarely see. That is because a lot of gamers will push back citing wireless lag and battery life issues. Those issues can be an issue, but there are still a lot of people who end up gaming with their everyday wireless mice because of the lack of gaming options. That is where the Logitech G700s comes in; this is Logitech’s only wireless gaming mouse. With that in mind I was excited to see how the G700s compared to both the G500s and the other wireless mice that we have tested in the past.

Thermaltake has always been known for their superb case design and quality throughout the years. This time they are back with a Mid Tower offering in the same price range as many leading competitors with the enthusiast additions we have come to expect.  Present are the optimized ventilation, cable management and tool-free bays we all love to see delivered in an aesthetically minimalist package. Will the Urban S21 prove to be a hit or end up as just another option? Joins me as we give it the once over and see if the Urban Mid Tower stacks up.

While most enthusiasts prefer Full Tower cases because of the ample amount of space for things like water-cooling solutions and multiple video card setups, sometimes the sheer size of the cases can be prohibitive as far as portability. Luckily there has always been a healthy market for enthusiast minded Mid Towers. Today we look at the G7 Mid Tower from InWin that promises to offer a great blend of features, performance and quality aimed at DIY enthusiasts. Will it stand tall among quality competition? Let’s find out.

When it comes to gaming keypads there are really only a few options on the market. Of those options most, like the G13, have been around forever. Of those gaming keypads, none of them are mechanical. That is until Razer introduced the Orbweaver this year at CES. As a big fan of mechanical keyboards, mice, and peripherals overall I couldn’t wait to get my hands (well hand) on it. After living with it for a while I am finally ready to talk about it and see how the mechanical Orbweaver compares to the G13 and the Razer Nostromo.

The biggest problem with mobile devices today is their limited battery life and the inevitability that they will eventually run out on us. We charge them at home in the wall, on the computer, and even in the car while in transit but it still never feels like enough power for all the functionality we enjoy. The Luxa2 branded line of products from Thermaltake has set out solve some our power problems with a mobile power solution.  The P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger is meant to provide power to just about anything with a USB charging port at anytime and anywhere it may be needed.

titleIn the past we have taken a look at a variety of different SSD’s of all different sizes and shapes. Today we are going to check out something completely different. Today we are taking a look at a tiny 1.8 inch SSD that uses a PATA ZIF connection. For those of you who don’t know what a ZIF connection is, that is a zero insertion force connection. You typically see them inside of laptops and in this case this drive is normally used on small laptops and in some handheld devices. Being a PATA based (think IDE) these aren’t all about speed, but I wanted to check the drive out due to its size. So let’s take a look.

titleTo finish up our week we have another quick look at the SLI performance of one of Nvidia’s latest cards. This time around I paired up two GTX 780’s and put them through our test suite. Even just a single GTX 780 had more than enough power for most users, so only the most hard core enthusiasts will be considering going with two. For those of you who are, here is an idea of what to expect.

titleWith the Agility and Vertex product lines from OCZ in their fourth generations it was exciting to see OCZ change things up and introduce a new model late last year. With a unique design and an Indilinx controller inside it looks like it could really shake things up. I’m excited to see how it will perform, especially compared to the Agility 4 and Vertex 4 that we have recently taken a look at. OCZ gave it the Vector name and in some cases that means “a force or influence”, let’s find out if the OCZ Vector will be a force or influence in the SSD market. 

titleI recently had the chance to check out a couple of Nvidia’s new GTX 760’s. Now that we are past the launch and things have calmed down, I can now also share the results of my SLI testing of those cards as well. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the GTX 770 SLI results as well as single card performance of the GTX 780 itself.

titleThe headphone market is flooded these days. Whether you are strictly a gamer or enjoy watching TV and listening to music from time to time it seems to be harder and harder by the day to make call on which product you should settle on. Today I take a look at Alienvibes by Ineo Technology’s EP02 offering with active noise cancelling features and the promise of high-end sound in a portable mid-range price. Let’s see if the EP02’s have that special something that can separate itself from the pack or will simply fade into the crowd.


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