titleThe “Ultimate” product line from Sapphire covers more than just the 5550 that we recently took a look at. Today we are taking a look at their HD5670 Ultimate that sports a similar heatsink design as the HD5550 but with the obvious performance increase from the faster 5670 lineup. The HD5670 line is touching on budget gaming performance more than the limited performance we saw out of the HD5550. With Crossfire and Eyefinity capability it could be a hidden gem, the only way we can find out is to put it to the test. Let’s jump in.

Engie_Update_LogoHowdy partners, circle the wagons, light a fire and I'll spin ya a tale of science gone mad. Of course I'm speaking about this past weekend's latest Team Fortress 2 update: The Engineer Update. Join LANOC's Tim Ashdown as he breaks down the latest update to best multiplayer game going.

mkgotg1_copyBeing on both the host and attendee side of numerous LAN parties, portability becomes just as important as power. That conundrum, paired with being a full-time student, prompted me to purchase a custom built gaming laptop. My editor, however, took a different route, building a miniature 'LAN rig' the size of a lunchbox. That's when our testing lights flicked on: which is the better solution?

One of the most interesting nitches of PC and gaming is the Case Mod. You turn a PC into a work of art that is not only functional but also something even someone who cares nothing about PC’s could find interesting. We at LanOC Reviews have seen our fair share of mods at our events, on our forums, and in my other places around the net. Today it is my pleasure to announce a contest we have been putting together for some time. We are hosting a summer case mod contest.

titleWhen packing up your rig to head to a LAN party, you will find yourself trying to find the best way to pack your keyboard and other peripherals. I have seen people use everything from backpacks, totes, and even plastic shopping bags. The need for a good way to pack your equipment is there, but oddly enough you won’t find many options. Razer quietly introduced what they call the “Razer Gear Rack” last year along with their gaming gear line. Today we finally have a chance to look at their Gear Rack a little closer; maybe this is product we have been looking for.

titleWe took a look at Razer’s Orochi, their Bluetooth portable gaming mouse yesterday. You can’t have a mouse without a mouse pad to match, and that’s where Razer’s Kabuto comes in. Razer added the Kabuto as a portable mouse pad for times you can’t bring along one of their larger pads. It may be portable, but is it worth taking with you? Let’s find out.

titleWhen it comes to mice for a gaming laptop, you're stuck deciding between a normal, non-gaming mouse or full-size, desktop gaming mouse. When the goal is portability, every component counts and although a full size mouse isn’t too large, it does add up. Razer recently introduced their Orochi, a Bluetooth-enabled gaming mouse that hopes to fill the need for a gaming mouse. I plan on using the Orochi in our LAN rig to see how well it will perform while gaming and when portability is important.


choiix_comfortlapdesk_7Cooler Master is well-known for their Notepal line of notebook cooling options, a family of products most of which we've had the pleasure of reviewing. Furthering their coverage of mobile computers, the Choiix brand from CM offers several new designs including cooler, sleeves, and mice that focus on portability as well as comfortability. Today I sit down with such a hybrid, the Comforter Lapdesk.

Sometimes you just have to get your gaming fix when you are away from your PC. This week we are going to look at a few options for people who are looking to play their games on the go. We will even compare a portable gaming rig to a gaming laptop to see if the extra portability is worth the added cost. I know we learned a few things when putting together a few writup's for this week, I hope you guys do also.
Wes Compton
LanOC Reviews
*Adam our contributing Editor is in the photo

titleHow many times have you been away from an outlet and needed to give your cell phone, DS, or PSP a charge. I know I have found myself in that position more times than I can count. Choiix just released a product with that in mind called the Power Fort. Over the past week I have had the chance to put their Power Fort Advanced model, has it been helpful? Let’s find out.


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