Packaging for SSD’s typically is about the same every time. Normally we see a box with the SSD inside of a piece of foam. This time around the Chronos Deluxe is packaged in something a little different. Muhskin went with a plastic packaging, much like what you would expect with ram. This put the SSD right up front where you can see it, a drastic change from normal. Of course this also means less protection for the drive, but SSD’s are known for being able to put up with a lot of abuse. The open design gives you a lot of what you see is what you get, in other words, beyond the SSD and packaging there isn’t anything else to be found here. It would be nice if they included a nice Mushkin sticker for you to show off your support though.

image 2

image 3


Posted: 22 Nov 2012 02:10 by Wooderson #28481
Wooderson's Avatar
I have used Mushkin's ram in my past few builds with zero issues. I have Mushkin Redline in my current PC, and the red color of the ram "went a long way with this case modder" (Wingless LoL). After all its the attention to details that makes the difference. I might have to give the Muskin Chronos Deluxe a spin in my next build.
Posted: 22 Nov 2012 01:47 by Wingless92 #28480
Wingless92's Avatar
How about an acrylic laptop? JJ, get over here.
Posted: 21 Nov 2012 23:55 by garfi3ld #28479
garfi3ld's Avatar
Im going to put a window on the bottom of my laptop and show off the goods! :D
Posted: 21 Nov 2012 23:50 by Wingless92 #28478
Wingless92's Avatar
I agree somewhat. If you put it in plain view then yes, you want it to look bad ass. But, if you put it in a laptop then it doesn't matter.

I guess its a use by use basis. Laptop=doesn't matter, Desktop=matters.

I would still like to see some one do something crazy with the casesing.
Posted: 21 Nov 2012 21:12 by garfi3ld #28476
garfi3ld's Avatar
Also we are starting to see cases come in with SSD mounts right under the motherboards. Similar to what I did a few years ago on my last build

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 21:08 by garfi3ld #28475
garfi3ld's Avatar
what SSD do you have in your pc? I bet this is plain looking compared to it :-P (I know you have the Intel)

As I said in the review, its not a big deal for most. But I would be willing to bet that it would catch a few more eyes. When you consider that we have a lot of drives using the same controller in the same price range. Something like that would stand out.

Here are drives from some of the other manufactures. Some still do sell the black boxed ssd's as well. But most have made there top of the line drives stand out. This is no different than ram as well.

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 20:58 by Wingless92 #28474
Wingless92's Avatar
Sucks that it only has the 3 year warranty unlike some other drives that have a 5 year.

Looks good though. Plain styling, really? You'll never really see it. Then again, some colored LED's might go a long way with some of the case modders. Just saying, lol.
Posted: 21 Nov 2012 18:37 by garfi3ld #28473
garfi3ld's Avatar
A look at Mushkin's latest SSD offering

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