titleIt’s rare that we see a new case manufacture jump into the market and wow everyone. This past January at CES Fractal Design did just that to a lot of people including a member of our own staff. From then on we have been excited to get a chance to take a closer look at what Fractal has to offer. Well that moment is finally here. Today we will be taking an in depth look at the Fractal Define Mini, a Micro ATX case built to be silent, compact and stylish. Their goal is to “provide products with an extraordinary design level, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing”. That is a high goal to set, let’s find out if they were successful.

frontCooler Master has added a new case to their CM Storm lineup.  The “Trooper” will be the fourth variant in this lineup, the first to support XL-ATX mainboards.  The features are quiet interesting, but the most noticeable one is the ultra-strong carrying handle – which supports up to 95lbs.  I had a positive experience when reviewing the CM Storm Enforcer, hopefully the Trooper can bring us similar results. Whatever you do make sure you don't call it the Storm Trooper, we wouldn't want George Lucas hunting us down. Oh crap.. better make this quick, I think I hear them coming!

frontDiabloTek is a company that is perhaps best recognized in the power supply industry, but their product extends into video, hard drives, optical drives, and as we'll see today, cases. Thus far the company has focused on manufacturing mid-tower ATX towers, and recently released the Legend ATX chassis. Today we take a look at the fifth entry to DiabloTek's case line-up.

titleIt wasn’t that long ago that I took an in depth look at Corsair's Special Edition white version of their 600T. I was extremely impressed with the entire case. Because of that I thought we would backtrack a little bit and take a look at what started it all, Corsair's 800D from the Obsidian Series of cases. Being their flagship model it’s clear that it still has a lot to offer, lets dig in (finally) and see what  all of the fuss is about.

frontIs there anyone left out there that's old enough to remember when buying a budget case meant buying a rectangular ivory box?  Well, I do.  If you wanted a custom box with any sort of styling, you were going to be out big money, or be really good with a skil saw, grinder, and can of spray paint.  Things are a little different now.  There's some variety in budget cases and they have some style.  With the Elite 371, Cooler Master is aiming at that market.  Let's take a look at it, and see how they did.

titleCooler Master’s Centurion 5 II is known for being a basic PC case for a standard build, something you would normally use to build your parents PC. It’s also known for being a great value in the budget PC market. When Cooler Master told us they had received a few limited edition red Centurion 5 II’s from Japan, I was more than happen to take one off their hands for a closer look. Will a little extra style bump this up from a budget build case to something you would be proud to show off at LANs? Let’s find out.

titleThis past year at CES we had barely dropped our bags off at the hotel before we hit the ground running. Our first task was to make it to the Corsair press conference. There was no way we were going to miss out on what they would be bringing out this year. Along with a list of other things they introduced a white version of their 600T mid tower chassis to be released in April 2011. Seeing as how we didn’t have a 600T in the office to take a look at, and it is past April, I put in a call to Corsair. It wasn’t long before we had a large package dropped off and we finally had our grubby hands on it. With a full black interior and a white exterior it definitely catches your eye. But will that be enough to spend your hard earned cash on? Let’s find out!

titleOne of the cases that Cooler Master showed off this year at CES was its upcoming Storm Enforcer Mid-Tower case. A while back we received a sample and today we finally are posting our experience with their newest addition to the Storm gaming lineup (a few days late). With a tank like appearance it’s easy to figure out where they came up with the name, but will it have what it takes to stand up against todays cases? Let’s find out.

titleThere's only one thing worse than having to pack up a 70-pound gaming rig to go to a LAN party: Packing two. Being married to a gaming girl is wonderful but it does have the downside that I have to pack up and transport two rigs for every LAN we travel to. After building a Shuttle for myself it was only a matter of time before I miniaturized her rig also. Looking for any excuse to upgrade her I contacted Lian Li about a Mini ITX case that they carried and went on with selecting the rest of her parts list. That case is the Lian Li Mini-Q PC-Q08, with Lian Li’s style and quality I have high hopes!

titleBack in June I had the chance to take a look at a a Mini ITX test bench from Lian Li called the T6. This wasn’t Lian Li’s only Mini ITX solution, nor their only Mini ITX test bench. Today we will be taking a look at their PC-Q06 test bench. The main difference between the Q06 to the T6 would be T6’s fully open design as opposed to the Q06’s half enclosed design. We loved the T6, let’s dig in to find out how well the PC-Q06 performs.

frontThemed cases are becoming more and more popular, helping to bring that aspect of art and individuality to users who may not have the time or the gift for case modding. In-Win has been creating these sort of unique chassi long before it was a trend, the latest of which occupying the DESTINY-Extreme series roster. We've had the pleasure of reviewing two of the cases in this line, the Maelstrom and the Dragon Slayer, and today In-Win has sent us the naval-inspired twin of the former.
mainIt's unbelievable how many different cases there are out there. They come in a multitude of shapes, colors, styles, and from countless manufacturers. With that kind of pool to choose from, how does one decide which one to get? There are, of course, a few popular ones that get all the attention, but who wants their computer to look the same as half-a-dozen other computers at the LAN party. You want something unique, something that is a little different than everyone else's. Well, the guys over at Xion have been making cases since 2002, with that in mind. Their latest, the Predator, might just be that little something different you're looking for.

titleHaving reviewed almost the entire HAF lineup from Cooler Master there was an obvious missing piece in their lineup when it comes to a small low cost case to compete with Antec’s 200. Today Cooler Master released their answer to the 200 in the form of their HAF 912. Keeping with their “High Air Flow” theme and keeping the price inline it could very well be one of the best values on the market. Let’s take a closer look to see if this is the “case”.

title1When looking for a case for your first build or for a budget build for someone your obviously not going to be looking at an ATCS 840 or a HAF X. Because of that Cooler Master has a wide selection of budget cases for any price range. Today we are taking a look at their USP 100, a budget gaming case that includes a 550 watt power supply along with it. With a large red grill up front, this is obviously not your normal budget case. Let’s find out how it performs.

frontTired of carrying your massive desktop computer to LAN parties? Our editor, Garfi3ld, must have been when he got his "lunchbox" Shuttle computer. It's pretty fast, but some compromises have to be made to get everything in such a small space. Most noticeably, the graphics card. While a Radeon 5770 fits, I doubt anything bigger and faster will. For some, this isn't a compromise they're willing to make. This is where the In-Win Dragon Slayer comes in. Although it is bigger than a Shuttle, a large high-end graphics cards will fit in it. Plus, you'll make it to the lan without breaking you back.

titleTired of hiding behind your case, only to find out that bullets penetrate its wimpy aluminum? When competing with friends, do you feel that you lack certain “combat ambiance”? Fret no longer, the Armor A90 can take your rig and turn it into an angry and stylish machine! Kind of like a glowing mechanical bulldog… with a tie. Allow me to explain how that works in this review of the stunning Armor A90 by Thermaltake.


01These days, it's hard to justify spending crazy amounts of money on a PC when so much performance can be had for very little money. You can put together a decent PC for just a few hundred dollars. You've done your research and picked out the parts you want, but somehow you've got to fit a case into your limited budget too? If you spend too much on one, you might have to cut back on something else. Sacrificing performance isn't something you want to do just for the sake of having a big fancy case. An ugly beige box isn't an option either. What do you do? In-Win thinks they have the solution to this predicament.

titleLian Li has made a name for themselves by producing top-quality all-aluminum cases. Generally they are mid- and full-sized and fairly plain. Recently Lian Li has produced a few crazy designs including the case we are reviewing today. The T7 is also known as Mini-ITX Test Bench, a much more descriptive name. I am going to toss our Mini-ITX test setup on the T7 and see how it works. Does it still have the qualities that we expect to see from a Lian Li case? Let’s find out.

titleSometimes I think that I have reviewed just about every variation of case over the past few years. I received an email from a company called Microcool who wanted us to check out something a little different. Their Banchetto 101 is a full acrylic test-bench with an Italian design. Is this a case the average user is going to want to use, or will it be limited to overclockers and press? The best way to find out is to throw one of our test rigs into it and see how it turns out. Lets jump in!

01As PC enthusiasts, we tend to gravitate toward bigger and better, but not everyone needs a huge case with all sorts of fancy features and accessories. Sometimes small and simple is better. Let's say your mom finally decides to take you up on your offer to build her a new computer. Do you think she really cares if there's a fan controller or connections for water cooling? Mom just wants to turn it on and get her email. This is where the Cooler Master 430 Elite comes in.


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