This past fall, NVIDIA filled out the remainder of its GT200 series of graphics cards with three models. For basic computing, there's the $40 GeForce 210, while for those looking to get a bit of light gaming done, there's the $60 GT 220. And to round things off, there's the $90 GT 240, which handles all of today's games rather well at 1080p.

ASUS GeForce 210, GT 220 & GT 240 @

"Xigmatek's Balder SD 1283 CPU cooler has it all covered. It's got outstanding cooling performance, a distinctive look, an innovative direct touch design and mounting solutions that are second to none. Xigmatek has done a great job with the Balder, offering the PC enthusiast community top-notch performance in a well-engineered product with excellent fit and finish."

Xigmatek Balder SD1283 CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews

Solid State Drive technology is developed for two groups of users: large-scale Enterprise environments and individual end-users. Kingston Technology has been in the business of satisfying enthusiasts and gamers for many years, and their SSDNow series of NAND-flash storage products has been the affordable solution for system upgrades. In this article, Benchmark Reviews introduces the second-generation Kingston SSDNowV+ Solid State Drive series. Based on the high-performance Toshiba T6UG1XBG processor, the Kingston SSDNowV+ SNV325-S2 delivers native TRIM support with a maximum rated read speed of 230MBps and write-to bandwidth peaking at 180MBps.

Gen-2 Kingston SSDNowV+ Series SSD SNV325 @ Benchmark Reviews

QNAP has attempted to tackle this dilemma by taking their award winning NAS appliances and adding sound and video capability. It is really a natural progression for a NAS product, simply take the thing that is already storing your media files and allow you to play them anywhere with a network connection.

QNAP Network Media Player NMP-1000 Review @ Ninjalane

The Noctua NH-U12P SE2 is a great cooler. I was already impressed by its predecessor, the NH-U12P and Noctua has managed to improve on it with the inclusion of an extra NF-P12 fan. The build quality and design are excellent and compatibility is a non-issue. Installation was also extremely simple - the clearly illustrated manual was a big help.

News - Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU Cooler Review at Overclockers Online

Today we are taking a look at a mouse from Steelseries, they sent us their latest gaming mouse named Xai. This mouse comes equipped with a small display on the bottom and it is also conveniently made for lboth eft and right handed users. A quick first look at the software shows an array of various features to play around with if you are a gamer or normal user. Lets take a look at this mouse to see what kind of performance we should expect.

Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse @ Rbmods

To start off this is a totally new experience to me. Yes even at my age I am still in for some learning action. Being used to review motherboards, CPUs and GPUs and cooling equipment, I had no idea how to approach a review about a keyboard. Being an avid gamer, in a past far away, I always avoided wireless input. Even though technology has come a long way since the dark ages, I am still sceptical about the lag input they could create when fighting it out on the battlefield. So let us have a loser look at this compact wireless keyboard with trackball from Vidabox

Vidabox Premium Wireless ACC-KBLTB Keyboard Review @ Madshrimps

Just over two years ago there were only five companies involved in Solid State Drive technology, and as of January 2010 there are nearly 140 names in the business. In this article Benchmark Reviews inspects the Toshiba T6UG1XBG Solid State Drive controller, which is used in the third-generation Kingston SSDNow V+ SNV325. The Toshiba T6UG1XBG SSD controller is a 43nm part, with a maximum rated read speed of 230MBps and write-to performance peaking at 180MBps.

Toshiba T6UG1XBG SSD Controller @ Benchmark Reviews

Want to make the upgrade to a solid-state drive, but prefer to avoid the high cost of adoption? Kingston helps ease that pain with its SSDNow V Series 40GB, a modest drive that features Intel's NAND and impressive G2 firmware, which helps it deliver stellar performance when compared to an HDD, for an easy-to-stomach price.

Kingston SSDNow V Series 40GB @

The Ultra Products X4 500W PSU is a solid piece of kit in a nice tidy package.  This PSU comes with a 32A +12v rail and only provides 2x PCIe connectors.  It is completely modular and features a nice large fan that provides very good cooling to this unit under normal circumstances.  When pulling 550W through this unit some components hit 50°C as measured with an IR Thermal probe, but we experienced no stability issues. . .

Ultra X4 500W Modular PSU Review - BCCHardware

I would like to say a big "Thank you" to SunbeamTech for providing us with a Airbox 3.5" for today's review. Airbox 3.5" is an external hard drive enclosure which provides its users with portability of the file storage. For some it is very important to have an enclosure which they can transport to and from a particular location.

SunbeamTech Airbox 3.5" - Review

PowerColor has sent us their new Radeon HD 5770 PCS+ which is an overclocked version of the HD 5770, featuring a custom PCB design and thermal solution by PowerColor. Thanks to PowerColor's changes, the card can manage a reduced power consumption, which is even lower than the AMD reference design, resulting in a leading performance per Watt score.

Powercolor HD 5770 PCS+ @ techPowerUp

The fastest memory stick on the face of the earth? OCZ is definitely gunning for the title with their Throttle eSATA 32Gb unit, we measured read speeds up to 85.9Mb/s, almost three times as fast compared to your standard USB variation. More performance numbers and stress testing inside

OCZ Throttle 32Gb eSATA and USB Memory Stick Review @ Madshrimps


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