CES 2010 - Kodak


The Kodak booth at CES 2010 was located in the corner of was very impressive, complete with stage an announcer welcoming visitors to CES. Kodak was excited to reveal four new devices, each featuring a very useful new tool, allowing users to select via camera where they would like photos to go, such as a local disk, Facebook, Flickr, or even an e-mail address, and upon connecting the device to a computer the pictures will automatically upload to the selected source

The first camera was the new Slice, featuring a touch screen that allows users to flip through stored images, or 'slice', to show-off photos easily. The camera also allows users to search through pictures by using certain filters, such as date, time, and face detection - that's right, this camera can sense a person's face a call up images which they are in. This model is scheduled for realse in quarter one of 2010, with an MSRP of $349.99.


The second line of cameras introduced a new color scheme, targeted towards on of the more popular demographics of Kodak camera users: middle-aged females. The EasyShare M family features a remote control, creating easy access to pictures and slideshows when the camera is connected to a TV. This camera does, of course, feature the same sharing abilities as the Slice.


The PlaySport pocket video camera is a very miniature model, designed to fit easily and comfortable for travel. More of the rugged target, the Playsport can be submersed in 10ft of water, and features a 2 hour battery life, and up to 10 hour of recording time with external card memory. With the included software, still images can be taken from video files.


The final device revealed was a new type of digital picture frame, the Pulse, whose value is truly behind the scenes. Similar to the previous camera's automatic sharing capabilities, the Pulse can be set to automatically receive and display images received from a multitude of places, including an e-mail address. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone, but even more so for those with family who aren't so tech savvy. Simply set the frame up and pictures can be constantly updates without messing with the storage device. Of course, e-mails must be verified not just any person can send the frame photos to display.


CES 2010 - Thrustmaster & Hercules


Hercules and Thrustmaster are two separate product lines owned by Guillemot, the former concentrating on sound and other computer hardware and the latter console gaming hardware. Thrustmaster had this misfortune of catching release dates just on the other end of the line where not too many new products were available for showcase. However, there were several updates to exisiting products that were featured.

The first is the MFD Cougar, an accessory that compliments the popular flight sticks from Thrustmaster. The Cougars come in packs of two, with up to eight supportable at a time, and feature customizable buttons to operate certain features of the flight sim. The peripherals not only make it much easier than trying to remember key bindings on the keyboard, but also helps to create the feeling of an actual cockpit.



The FGT race wheel, which was previously PC exclusive, is now being adapter for PS3 use as well, with a demonstration set up of Dirt 2. The Freestyle snow board attachment that clamps over the Wii Balance Board to give players an enhanced feeling of authenticity and control was also demo'd.


Several Wii Remote chargers we're displayed, including the contactless charge T-Charge stand, and the Quatro-4 standing charge base supporting up to four remotes.


On the Hercules side, their line of netbooks were on display, the eCafe family. Not only are these netbooks stylish and compact, customized for more of the personal use, but each also comes with the very useful eCafe suite. This application features a web camera, date and calender, and an e-mail utility that allows users to track and read e-mails from up to four separate accounts.


More on the sound aspect, Hercules was showcasing entry-level and beginner friendly DJ tables that connect to the PC and though there is a display on the PC, everything can be navigated through the mixer.



CES 2010 - Daily Grind Friday, January 8th (Garrett)

9:00 AM - Day 2 of CES has oficially started. Up on the chopping block this morning is Tritton and Coolit. I hope to also finish up with exploring all of the north hall today. And I will arrive right at 1130 for lunch, no banana and cookies for me today.

12:00 PM - I'm happy to say I'm writing this while eating lunch today, I am on time today. Tritton has some excellent technology coming out in the usb to video category this year as well as an excellent line up of headsets. Coolit has shown me some really creative cooling technology, more on that later.

10:00 PM - Back at the hotel after a very full day. Alex and I made a stop today over at AEN, took some pictures, and got a few autographs. After that, I was off to Maingear to check out the Shift first hand. Its sleek design is sharp, and clean in addition to the extreme performance that it offers. The verticle layout offers dis...tinct advantages in cooling management and ease of access to the I/O panel on the motherboard.


CES 2010 - Daily Grind Wednesday, January 6th (Garrett)

Wednesday, January 6th - Day 0 - Press Day of CES 2010

7:00 AM - CES 2010 begins today. After a long day of travel yesterday, I met up with Alex, Wes, and Adam at Circus Circus. Settling in included seeing the Las Vegas Sign, walking the strip, riding The Deuce, and some valuable gaming research at GameWorks. Beginning with Netgear, we have a full day of press events ahead of us. Expect updates as the day progresses on.

12:00 PM - Netgear and Toshiba down. We're off to eat some brunch, and then Samsung's conference in the afternoon. So far, there's been mostly talk of streaming full HD signal over the home network, making SD content to look near HD, full network connectivity across the web, social networking, and the future of televison. Bringing the 3D experience into the home, packed with tons of extra features the CELL TV hopes to become the ultimate TV solution

3:00 PM - A familiar tune of bringing the 3D experience into the home is ringing in my ears while exiting the Samsung conference. Partnering up with Dreamworks and Technicolor, Samsung hopes to dominate the market in 2010 with 3D movies over a standardized Blu-Ray 3D format. Samsung also announced today the launch of Samsung Apps. While there were not many specifics cited, they're focusing on an open market with the use of a free software developement kit with support for multiple devices including for the first time, televisions. That's right, an application store for your TV will be available by Spring. The first slew of free apps will be available in the Spring, and more premium apps are to follow in the Summer of 2010.

Interim - So far the day has been full of some interesting news, although nothing of much surprise. Considering how successful 3D movies have been throughout 2009 it was only a matter of time before the consumer would be expecting the same immersive experience at home. We're back for the night, busily posting up the days news releases and pictures, and Patriot's Party is in the evening. Stay tuned to LANOC for some more in depth coverage, and tommorrow will bring another day of news.

Night Cap - Patriot's party was informative, stylish, and exciting. The most exciting product of 2010 for Patriot is the BoxOffice. It features one 2.5" bay, 3 USB ports, and supports a wide variety of codecs. Most importantly, it operates as a NAS device shipping with a wireless g adapter allowing seemless streaming over the home network with a large variety of media. It will be able to read Blu-Ray ISOs, and support Dolby Digital, and DTS.

A neat little device from Patriot will also be the Gearbox. It's a very small NAS device that connects directly up to a RJ45, capable of print server support, with 2 USB ports, and operates at 10/100 speed. Retailing at around 49.99 it provides a cheap and quick way to bring NAS service to any user's home network.

Although no information is solid as to when or how much, but the newest format in SD memory will be SDXC with support up to 2TB of data.


CES 2010 - iSkin Product Lineup

Kicking off CES bright and early, I spoke with a representative from iSkin. For 2010 iSkin is introducing a line of bags each created by a feature artist. They're also offering very limited sets from a feature artist for a completely custom, one of a kind look. TTK is featured here as an urban shoe artist with the matching bag that he created from one of their plain styles.


They're also showcasing the brand new iSkin EarTones. The unique, ergonomic design of these earphones feature a flexible head, stylish design, and a microfiber insert so they can be easily cleaned.



Additionally iSkin is featuring magnetic car mounts this year. A simple magnetic system allows the user to attach their iPod or iPhone to a car window mount quickly and securely. They will be available in a number of colors as well.


More information and ordering can be found at their website


CES 2010 - NVidia Booth Tour


One of the largest booths in the South Hall 4 of the Las Vegas Convention Center is the NVidia booth, which is impossible to miss regardless of the monumental name the company has made for itself. Lines of TVs and game controllers littered the circular area, with coulmns shooting up all over, each showcasing NVidia's most popular products, and even some new technology as well.

One of the more substantial displays was the 3-D acceleration hardware set-up, consisting of three displays: multiple screen display, Blu-Ray playback, and a demonstration of the new physics processor. Starting with the most former, NVidia had three 20" 3-D monitors with Batman: Arkham Asylum spreading across all of them for extreme widescreen. These screens were from Panasonic, each featuring true 120 Hertz, each eye receiving 60Mhz/sec that alternate. The middle screen was very simliar, though only showcasing one TV. Both required the peripheral glasses of course, each lens of which is an actual mini-screen. More than 40 game companies already support this 3-D hardware, with many more in the works.

101_0996 [lanoc_ces]

The coolest demonstration, however, was that of the last 3-D monitor showcasing NVidia's developing 'game' that shows off the physics of their new GPU, the GF100, which is set to release in the first quarter of 2010. This next generation GPU was running a DX11 demo with an environment build entirely of objects to show-off the physics engine. The surrounding environment feature objects such as a shed or water tower, and a technician on a rocket-powered rail car, built of objects as well. The idea was to speed the cart up to over 400MPH down the rails, and attempt to stop it before it flew off the unfinished track at the end. built objects, such as a wooden bridge, can actually be demolished from the physics of the high-speed cart racing over it. It is not a scripted event; whether it occurs or not is based purely on the in-game circumstance. This program is supposed to ship when the GPU is released in quarter one.

101_1002 [lanoc_ces]

101_1003 [lanoc_ces]

101_1001 [lanoc_ces]


CES 2010 - Press Day Begins

Wednesday January 6th - With more of a fuller night behind us, our bodies seem to have realized how much hell weve already put them through. Regardless, theres a lot more in store today; Wednesday is Press Day, a day literally packed from 8AM to 10PM with back-to-back press conferences. We'll be hitting quite a few, so stay in tune for coverage!



CES 2010 - Netgear Press Conference


"Anytime, anywhere, any media, any screen."

That idea opened the NETGEAR press conference, in which the focal point was channeling all media devices into one place. NETGEAR obviously being a company that develops networking equipment, routers and servers are an excellent angle to acheive such a feat. More specifically, NETGEAR advertised the ability to "watch any digital media on any screen at any time from any where, at home or away from home."

Drew Meyer, Director of Network Storage Products, was soon introduced to go into the necessary hardware more in depth. He opened with the NETGEAR Stora, a 1TB device server that was in the center stage of this morning's conference. Mr. Meyer then pulled out an iPhone (though any handheld platfrom could be used) with a wireless 3G connection to connect to his Stora device at home. "The Stora does three things really, really well. It's as easy as A, B, C: Access, back-up, and centralize." To show that this wasn't some pre-conditioned performance, Mr. Meyer asked a member of the press with a handheld device to connect to the device as well. Using screens on the stage, he was able to show us exactly step for step how it works, first pulling a personal picture of his grandmother from the Stora and displaying it on his phone. Pictures are only the beginning as well; browsers and even saved video files, such as the exampled Fast and Furious movie trailer.

MS2110_3-4Rt_HiRes [press]

Then, switching to a PC browser, Mr. Meyer visitied account to show how easily media could be managed from anywhere, including a 3-D picture wall. "This is beyond just an access platform; we're actually using it as a media player." The Stora also allows for some powerful sharing abilities, able to post a direct URL or email for others to access the media as well, including social networking sites. "That will give specific people access to specific data." He used his grandmother again as an example, a woman who will be 100 in February and not quite tech savvy. Mr. Meyer and his brother had purchased a Stora for her along witha digital picture frame, in which they can drop files from their houses and drop pictures to the photo frame that display in hers.

The television then took the spotlight, allowing connection to the network so that media on the network can be viewed and enjoyed from the TV, "bridging the gap between the TV and the network."

Chris Geiser, Project Marketing Manager of Home and Consumer Products, took the stage next to introduce some new products. Focusing on online content, and their lack of high quality vs. home televisions that are in high-definition. Mr. Geiser then showed a side by side demonstration of one standard showing of a HD display trying to show a HD clip and NETGEAR technology running the same clip, the latter obviously looking much crisper and detailed. "The challenge of playing HD video, as you know, is really maintaining a very good, broadband connection." Often that connection is unreliable, and NETGEAR has focused on curing that issue, allowing exapansion of bandwidth up to three times. using NETGEAR technology integrated into their products, there was no hindering of the 8.5MB stream, and so the video neither jumps, stalls, or gets reduced to help with load times, allowing for HD quality to be streamed to a home television. "All of these video enhansive capabilities are going to be integrated into multiple, upcoming NETGEAR multimedia and networking products."

The 'utimate networking machine' was then brought to light, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit router, the number one networking product of CES last year, which was running the entire demonstration. A Wireless-N HD Bridge, an industry first 4x4 MIMO 11N video screening."This kit will provide an unprecedented level of reliability of wireless preformance, including supporing full 1080p 35 Megabit HD stream in houses 3,000 square feet. This will be coming out this spring."

DGN2200M_3-4Rt_HiRes [press]


DGN2200M_Back_HiRes [press]


PowerLine took the stage next, which is the ability to use power outlets to connect devices through a network as opposed to Ethernet cables. New devices for the PowerLine introduced were the PowerLine 280 Adapter, which is up to 50% smaller than competitor devices. The 280+ adapter model features a filtered pass-through socket so the device doesn't eat up an outlet. Both these devices support high-definition streaming and other demanding applications, including online gaming.

XAV2001_NA_inWall_HiRes [press]

An industry first, 5 port AV Gigabit switch, designed specifically for home use, was introduced next. The home gaming and theater swtich connects all devices together and to the Internet. "It will allow you to optimize and prioritize the performance of your Internet connection for these high demanding applications, like netwrork video, online gaming, and digital music streaming." The switch also features color-coded ports to help with prioritizing operations.

GS605AV_3-4Lft_HiRes [press]


GS605AV_Back_HiRes [press]

The press were left with a teaser at the end of the conference, a product unveliment for the next night with a partnership between NETGEAR and Intel, with a hint of a digital convergence product.



CES 2010 - Toshiba Press Conference


The Toshiba conference began with the AVP, Maria Repole, speaking about Toshiba’s current marketing standpoint. Collaborating with ESPN Toshiba is reinventing its ad campaign and targeting a younger generation through familiar and humorous content. Keeping in mind the role that social networking plays in the current market, Toshiba has been making efforts to keep the forum open and including video messaging, and social networking in their advertising campaigns. Speaking further, Repole went on to explain Toshiba’s ‘Green’ standpoint. Toshiba’s strategy is called Environmental Vision 2050, where they’re putting emphasis on recycling , tree planting, and a direct collaboration with MRM. Recently, they’ve been awarded with the National Plug into Recycling challenge award.

The president and CEO, Mr. Atsushi Murasawa spoke about the direction of Toshiba's products. Toshiba Green strategy called Enfironmental Vision 2050, putting emphasis on recycling, tree planting philanthropic efforts, collaboration with MRM, awared recently First Nation Plug into Recycling challenge award.

President CEO Mr. Atsushi Murasawa took the stage next, focusing on the television experience in 2010. Introducing the Cell TV in America, it opens a whole new dimension for entertainment. This year has been a year for 3D movies, and Cell TV will bring the ultimate 3D experience into the home for 2010. It has the ability to change 2d into 3d in real time as well. From home movies, to recorded tv shows, will sync up with the bdx-3000 new blue ray player with built in wireless technology allowing to watch anywhere in the home. At the heart of the Cell TV is the cell broadband engine, GFLOPS over 143 times faster than standard gaming machines of today.

IMG_7134 [lanoc_ces]

Vice President Scott Ramirez was introduced next, discussing the industry trends of 2009. in which the LCD TV industry did 24 million in 2008, and in 2009 had over 27% growth to 30 million units. 2010 is forcasted to be 10% more growth. Although revenue was down 4.5%, 22-23" and bigger than 50 inch is where there's any positive gain in revenue, far outperforming plasma. The prices actually came up on 50-55 inch tvs because of LED televisions. Holiday sales were up 5.9%, annual unit sales up 27%, however, annual revenue is down 4.5%. Consumer Value has come at the expense of Industry Profitability. Consumer Buying Patterns have changed to shopping for benefits and value. Use of broadband of internet connectivity is higher, and streaming video is where the focus is at now. Consmers are getting more connected, PCs, smart phones, blu rays, etc. Cell TV has the power to realize these needs of connecting it all together.

IMG_7135 [lanoc_ces]

"The processing makes the picture... and the experience." 2010 will see 10 new TV Series 7 are LED, Toshiba Series 6 Series 3 CCFL and 3 LED cinema series, 2 LED series, all with ultra thin designs. Cell TV will be the ultimate TV, but exactly what is Cell TV... not just a TV anymore. The cell engine is 8 core processos each processer is 3.2 ghz, 200 GFLOPS, 10 x faster than a desktop and 143x faster than todays televisions. Super Resolution technology takes video content that is not full HD and makes it look like Full HD, adds in pixels, like audio compression algorithims.

Net Super Resolution+ detects noise compression inherient in internet video, 60 frames are converted into 240 frames, adding full array baclkigh scanning giving 480 scenes per second. Auto view allows auto adjusting to brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, color saturation etc. Now there's a color censor built in to get the proper color temperature based on the lighting in the room. This also features built in Wireless HD, draft N, DLNA, USB movie playback, and Net TV Channels (High Value CSPs), Built in Video Phone capabiltiy for VOIP.

Net TV Channels, moves from techonology to content quality and universal access, movies ot music to picutres, and social networking. VOIP will allow it turn inot a video phone as well. Super Resolution Technology maintains high quality video images on super large screens, and it has 1TB HDD for home entertainment server capability, a built in BD player, recorded media onto the HDD for multi room playback, record, download, or transfer from PC, and an RF remote for simple control from any room. This 3D TV for the next generation, plus tri vector real time technology that uses Frame Sequential System, 480hz in 2d mode becomes 240hz for each eye when in 3d mode and uses active shutter 3D glasses. This can take take anything we watch and turn it into 3D, and makes 3D TV usable every day from day one. tv programes, BD movies, home movies, vdieo games, all of it.


IMG_7137 [lanoc_ces]

The Panel KIRA2 Super Local Dimming LED technology is going to be better than anything on the market. 512 zones, 5x current LED, higher 1,000 cd/m2 brightness deeper 9m:1 dynamic contrast; black is blacker and white and whiter.


CES 2010 - Samsung Press Conference




There was very little room to move at the Samsung Press Conference Wednesday afternoon, as David Steel took the stage to announce the new corporate mission statement of Samsung: "Inspire the world. Create the world." He goes on: "It's a vision of a world where anything is possible." Steel continued to reveal that their investment in LED TVs, which were expected to sell poorly only a year ago, we're prospering well. He went on to say that Samsung was also now the number one brand for mobile phones in the US market. Despite the current economy, Steel said that Samsung is optomistic about the electronics industry, and believes that those who not only survive but excel will be strong and innovative, targeting to increase sales from $110 billion to $400 billion in 2020. Eco-management was also detailed, revealing that Samsung now chose supplies, manufacturing, consumers, disposal, and others that were environmentally friendly, and their entire trip in Vegas was carbon friendly.

101_0981 [lanoc_ces]

Samsung outlined three focus points: product innovation, applications, and connectivity. Exciting customers, developing multi-platfrom and useful apps, and connecting devices and people to work together we're top concerns. Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronic of America, took the stage next. Applications was the first topic, tieing them together with TV. On the phone however, applications and widgets are available for download. An App store was announced, allowing users to download applications for all three of phone, TV, and Blu-Ray players, accesible even through the TV using the remote. Free applications will release in the Spring, and premium in the Summer. One of the more significant announcements was that the application development tools for Samsung would be open for everyone. "If you thought it was fun building an app for a phone screen, I have a 55-inch LED screen that I'd love to share with you."

3-D telelvisions are a recurring theme this year at CES, and Samsung has not left themselves out of the trend. However, what quickly has set them apart was the unveiling of the ultra thin 9000 3-D LED TV, 0.3" wide, which is the width of a pencil. Two other models of 3-D televisions were also revealed, as well as a new line of LCD. To continue with the 3_D experience, a partnership between Samsung, Dreamworks Animation, and Technicolor was announced, bringing 3-D Blu-Ray discs to the home theater platform.


101_0980 [lanoc_ces]

LED9000_(55)_FRONT [LanOCpress]

Also notable was Samsung's new MP3, the Samsung IceTouch, featuring a 2" transparent touch screen so that selecting options by touch can be done from the back of the device, eliminating the finger blocking the front screen when manuevering meuns and operations. Plansto build upon the dual-view camera revealed lasat year were also revealed, as well as Samsung's new line of eReader productes.

IceTouchblue00110_front [LanOCpress]


CES 2010 - Trip to Vegas

Monday Jan 4th - We left Ohio City around 4PM. Since our flight was at 6:30AM from Dayton Airport, and they recommend arriving two or so hours early, we literally would have gotten no sleep at we need driven up ahead of time. We stayed the night at the Dayton Airport Hotel, working a little on reviews, tried to play MW2 and failed, and eventually fell asleep to Family Guy around midnight.

Tuesday Jan 5th - With only three hours to catch some good sleep, none of us really did before we woke up at 3AM to check in for the flight. Given the time of day, the airport wasn't horribly busy and we man aged to get through fairly quickly. We boarded the plane without any issues but  sat for about a half hour while they sprayed de-icer. It could have been worse; poor Garrett missed his connecting flight for the same reason. The flight went extremely smooth, about two and a half hours before we reached our lay over in Denver.

After killing some time at the airport and eating an early brunch, we finally got on our second flight to Vegas, this time equipped with three seat rows and TVs (though you had to pay after take off). After about a two hour flight, we finally landed in Las Vegas at 11AM local time, and took a shuttle bus to our hotel, Circus Circus. We checked in and unpacked in our room, setting up the mobile LanOC office and getting a few things together before heading out to grab so lunch.

We're finishing up the day now, preparing with Garrett finally here for Press Day of CES 2010.


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