iBuyPower is a company specializing in custom gaming computers for both PC and laptop users. Their popular mobile gaming line, the Battalion series, saw an intriguing addition at CES 2010: touch screen.

The Battlation Touch line is the first multi-touch mobile gaming series, demonstrating both a graphically advanced game similar to Pong and World of Warcraft. To give you a bit of an idea of how this works, it's much like turning your screen into a large mouse; touching once will left click the desired item (such as selecting a spell) and continuing to hold your finger is like holding the left button down (like controlling the padel). Holding one finger on the screen and using another will right click, and a zoom function was also demonstrated in a rotating Earth model application by using both fingers at once.



Some exciting builds were also showcased in the suite, including the new Big Bang MSI board, using the Lucid Hydro chipset. Also displayed was the new PC360, which is as exactly as it sounds: the meeting of the PC and the Xbox 360. With some slight modifications to the NZXT Panzer box, a gutted 360 board is locatd at the top of the case with the rest of the PC components underneath. At the time of showing, the Xbox 360 still needed separate power and output from the PC (meaning a nice extra bulky power brick), but keep in mind this is still a concept. The Chimera 2 is brother to iBP's previous Chimera model, featuring a new paint job.



More down our alley, iBP was also revealing a first look at the Lan Warrior 2, a fully functional gaming computer designed for easy transport. No photos were allowed, but to give you an idea this case is a simple, slick black facade, large enough on the inside only what was necessary to fit one of the largest cards on the market and the HDD bay. With a nice, solid carrying handle on top as part of the frame, this is a product we're definitely looking forward to. And yes, liquid cooling will be an option. Estimated arrival time was Q1, around March.

Also showcased was the iBP exclusive Level 10 build, and this thing is heavy. While it demands respect and screams power, it is very heavy and will cost quite a bit to ship alone, not to mention the cost of the chassis and parts.

Yet another photoless display was the extremely classified Project Daytona build. I can't say much about this, other than atesting to it with excitement. What I can say, however, is this a top of the line gaming PC, designed specifically to be cooled with water cooling only.

On the more smaller side, iBuyPower was showing off some of there external internal USB extensions. No, that's not a typo. These little pieces of hardware will extend the number of USB ports your mother board supports, and even includes up to two USB ports on the board itself. This is extremely useful if you traveling to LAN party and want to make sure your flash drive is secure, or have am ore permanent USB device, such as BlueTooth or a wireless receiver.



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