12:30 PM - CES day three and the rat race is on again. Samsung has some interesting technology coming out for power saving, thinner single panel plasmas, 3D across the board, Samsung Apps for the television and mobile, broadcast DTV on mobile phones, and new eBook designs.

6:00 PM - Wrapping up today, we took a look at Lego Universe, an upcoming MMO from Lego. It will allow players to immerse them sevles in a MMO setting unlike any before. From character design, to questing, and loot everything has creativity and imagination written all over it. The beta will be coming as soon as March and they're hoping for a second quarter release in 2010.

8:00 PM - Last on the chopping block for the evening was Steel Series. Across the board Steel Series is featuring some incredible stuff for 2010. The Siberia v2 expands upon what the first version did best and adds some excellent features. With the addition of a unidirectional microphone, extra pading, memory foam, and larger 50mm drivers the Siberia v2 has promise to dominate the gaming headset market in 2010. Also up SteelSeries' sleeve for the new year is the Kinzu and Xai mice. The Xai packs more features, customization, and power than I can describe into a sleek, clean, and extremely comfortable design. Regardless of what style you use to hold your mouse the Xai will provide you with hours of comfortable, precision gaming performance.




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