DSCN3456_LANOC_CESTritton is kicking off 2010 with some brand new usb to video devices such as the MWX 300. They've been in the usb to video market since 2003 with their own patented chipset. The new mini dock allows a netbook to expand into a full size workstation by just using a single usb port on the netbook or a laptop. Coupled with Microsoft's launch of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, Tritton's devices allow a single PC with the OS loaded to have up to ten sessions form a single computer. Each session is a seperate Windows 7 experience with their own settings, files, partition on the hard drive, and work station. This kind of technology eliminates the need for multiple power hungry machines, increasing a company's overall energy efficiency easily, and cheaply; all that's needed is a single USB port per work station.


DSCN3452_LANOC_CESOn the gaming end of Tritton's product lineup, Tritton is featuring their high quality headsets. The AX 180 is a high performance stereo headset, which is fully compatible with PS3 and Xbox 360. It also features a detachable microphone and individual volume controls. The next in the line-up is the AX 720 at $129.99 which supports Dobly Digital and DTS creating the ultimate virtual surround sound experience. It has a break away cable that will eventually have an addon support to make the same headset wireless. The AX 720 also has interchangable high quality skins to personalize the headset to the user's tastes which will be available on their website for $19.99.




Lastly, Tritton is featuring the AX Pro for 2010. It features excellent sound quality with dedicated center, front, and rear channels, as well as a dedicated subwoofer. The volume control allows the user to adjust each of the 4 drivers seperately as well as time delay and dynamic range control. This enables the user to control every last detail of the listening experience. What makes Tritton stand out is that they try to think different, and engineer from the ground up. Their design philosophy is evident at every point in their product range. From the AX 180 to the AX Pro Tritton has an excellent line-up of high quality headsets for 2010. Add to that, they've begun selling through Best Buy retail stores and Tritton is in excellent position for the new year.{aseadnetadblock|NOSHOWAD|NOSHOWAD}


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