The Kodak booth at CES 2010 was located in the corner of was very impressive, complete with stage an announcer welcoming visitors to CES. Kodak was excited to reveal four new devices, each featuring a very useful new tool, allowing users to select via camera where they would like photos to go, such as a local disk, Facebook, Flickr, or even an e-mail address, and upon connecting the device to a computer the pictures will automatically upload to the selected source

The first camera was the new Slice, featuring a touch screen that allows users to flip through stored images, or 'slice', to show-off photos easily. The camera also allows users to search through pictures by using certain filters, such as date, time, and face detection - that's right, this camera can sense a person's face a call up images which they are in. This model is scheduled for realse in quarter one of 2010, with an MSRP of $349.99.


The second line of cameras introduced a new color scheme, targeted towards on of the more popular demographics of Kodak camera users: middle-aged females. The EasyShare M family features a remote control, creating easy access to pictures and slideshows when the camera is connected to a TV. This camera does, of course, feature the same sharing abilities as the Slice.


The PlaySport pocket video camera is a very miniature model, designed to fit easily and comfortable for travel. More of the rugged target, the Playsport can be submersed in 10ft of water, and features a 2 hour battery life, and up to 10 hour of recording time with external card memory. With the included software, still images can be taken from video files.


The final device revealed was a new type of digital picture frame, the Pulse, whose value is truly behind the scenes. Similar to the previous camera's automatic sharing capabilities, the Pulse can be set to automatically receive and display images received from a multitude of places, including an e-mail address. This is an extremely useful feature for anyone, but even more so for those with family who aren't so tech savvy. Simply set the frame up and pictures can be constantly updates without messing with the storage device. Of course, e-mails must be verified not just any person can send the frame photos to display.


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