title5Roccat is a German company that just opened their USA shop about 2 months ago. Can the Germans build a good keyboard? How about headsets and mice? Kathrin showed me what they had to offer. Is Roccat going to be the next big thing? Read on to find out.

Written By: Skyler

Pictures By: Skyler

When we talk about mice or keyboards here at LanOC. We know that these are intimate devices. These are thing items that you use everyday to interact with you PC. Not everything is for everyone and we know that. Heck, I hate one of the best selling mice of all time cause it's not comfortable to me. Moving on.

I showed up a bit early and from the looks of things I was going to need the full hour of my meeting to get through everything. Kathrin ran me through the mouse, the driver, keyboard, the driver and the headset. I didn't get a chance to see the driver for the headset so I will look into that.


Right off the start I knew this wasn't a gimmick. Some stuff on products are there just get that check box on the packaging but these features really look like they could help while gaming. The lighting on the mouse was top notch. With four different zones that you can set the color to you are not going to run out of options easily. Once you have the colors set then you can tell it to shut them off after a certain amount of time if you are say, watching a movie or going to bed. Thee other interesting tid bit was that you can assign an EasyShift key to further maximize the buttons on the mouse. There are 12 buttons on the mouse but once that shift key, which is assignable, is pressed then you can setup shortcuts to add even more actions. I am not sure how well this would work but until I get my hands on one I am kinda in the dark.



The keyboard is interesting. Roccat put three, assignable buttons below the spacebar to use while in game or while just crusing the desktop. Again, I am going to have to use it first but it does look promising. It would be great to have it set as my Ventrillo Talk Key. The layout is pretty standard but with a massive wrist pad for long gaming sessions. The driver for both the mouse and the keyboard are simple to use and navigate. One question that I am wondering about is if I set everything up, save it, then unistall the driver, does it wipe everything or is all saved on the mouse? I will have to find that out.



The headphones look great but I didn't get to try them on. Hopefully I can get a review unit in and test them out. The illuminated mic boom when muted is a nice touch along with the external sound card. There is a mic mute feature on the sound card which is nice when your about to cuss somebody out. The drivers in the headset are 40mm.



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Introducing Roccat.

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