Admiral_RenderIf you think you've heard it all, you haven't. TruWireless Dolby 7.1 compliant, the Admiral by NOX Audio gives a better than concert hall sound with out the wires and without the crowd.

ocztitleWith a range of products including SSD’s, Ram, power supply’s, USB flash drives, peripherals, and even cooling products I really wasn’t sure what to expect for my meeting with OCZ. I did meet up and talk with fatal1ty at the OCZ party the night before so I was expecting to see something new from his partnership with OCZ, maybe something to go with the motherboard we recently reviewed?

DSC00155_LanOC_lanocfront_watermarkThe next meeting that I had on Thursday was with iGUGU.  Their booth was very impressive, more than enough representatives to help out with demos and questions. I sat down at one of the TVs and just kept a low profile. About twenty seconds past and a woman came over and wanted to know if I wanted a demo, and we were off and running. 



usna95_1_2_watermarkThe first night in Treasure Island, before we laid our heads on our couches, Wes showed us an article on what we would soon learn was the Switchblade. The next morning, we were at the Razer booth to see it for ourselves. If the recent pre-order date for the Onza and the assigned name of Hydra to the Sixense motion controlling weren't enough, the idea of a portable Defense of the Ancients gave us plenty to dream about.

IMG_2099_lanocfrontI wasn't sure what to expect of MadCatz at this year's CES; with not much new technology aside from first-party motion controlling to work with, we had seen a few leaders in the console gaming market with a less-than-flattering display of new products. For that reason, perhaps, was I so impressed with the offerings MC had to show.

rocktitleAnthony met me at their booth this afternoon for a quick walkthrough of what they have to offer us. Right away I knew that I was in for something special. When you think about external storage, quality might not be number one; Rocstor’s products drool with quality. Holding one of their drives in my hand felt very solid and like they took the time to deliver a product that they thought out.

icytitleOur friends over at ICYDock gave me a call while I was wondering around the show floor this year and asked if I would like to visit the Raidon booth a close partner of theirs and take a quick look at both of their products. Of course we have always loved their innovations, I couldn’t turn down a chance to see what to expect in the coming year. Adam and I slipped over in between our other meetings and took a look.

msititleOne of the big introductions from MSI on their motherboard side is the P67 Big Bang Marshal, their flagship P67 board. With eight full PCI express x16 slots you are going to have the flexibility to run any combination of video cards and other x1, x4, and ,8 devices.  You still have MSI’s Military Class II components and their OC Genie II but most people will be impressed with this board’s size along. The eATX form factor has been out for some time but still to this day surprises me with its size.

OWC_globe_logo_503k_jpg_image_copyWe first met Other World Computer (OWC) at the Futurelook party on Wednesday night, one of the sponsors of the event. It was obvious that they dealt in SSD's since one of our writers was drawn as a winner for one. Of course after that we were a little anxious to learn more about their products, since as soon as we returned home we would find ourselves in possession of a 240 model.

HX_Genesis_angled_GrayEveryone knows what to expect from Kingston: a continual improvement in all things RAM and anything memory related. At CES 2011 there is no change in the trend. Coming out with an impressive line of DDR3 RAM is the HyperX Genesis2, coming to you in an elegant grey and soon after launch the standard Genesis blue we are all accustomed to. HyperX is Intel XMP certified and P67 ready, and will be offered in 4GB 2x2GB kits at 2133MHz and 1600MHz frequencies. The only difference in looks is the loss of the tabs on the top portion of the RAM, which I think all would agree is an improvement on the overall appearance of the RAM. By the end of February, expect to see a full line of HyperX in all the key consumer markets from High Performance to Low-Voltage.


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