foodtitleWith an estimated 140,000 industry professionals coming to Vegas for CES there is no doubt that it can get a little crazy. As a member of the press especially we find ourselves running from booth to booth and even going from hotel to hotel for meetings. If you have never been to Vegas the only thing I can say is that no matter how close everything looks together, EVERYTHING is a long walk. With all of that walking not only are you left hungry, but also with very little time to find something to eat. As our resident fat guy, I decided to talk about a few of the places I have found over the past few years that have made my food experience at CES a little easier.

boothbabeIt woudn't be a trade show without some of the company's hiring models and local women to help attract a little more attention to their booths. You can call it whatever you want but when you are fighting for attention from 140,000 visiters to CES, any advantage helps. While covering the show, we tried to get a few photos to give you an idea of what we saw, good and bad. Let me introduce you to the wonderful Booth Babes of CES 2011.

bestworstThere's certainly quite a bit to take in during the four days of the International Consumer Electronics show. With thousands of exhibitors and hundred thousands in attendance, a lot of opinions leave the convention center. Hopefully we've aided in your quest to sift through all that information, and now we are proud to give you our thoughts on the best and the worst we, as gamers, saw during CES 2011.

carstitleEveryone knows that CES is filled with cool gadgets and electronics, tons of booth babes, and cool swag. What you may not know is you can also spot a whole collection of hot cars if you walk the floor enough. This year we set out to capture as many as we could as we wondered around. We saw everything from modded to stock and from both foreign and domestic manufactures. CES is nothing short of a car show with the cars spread out.

cesswagtitleSo with all 5 of your writers wandering around the show floor there was bound to be some free stuff that we picked up. Here is a pick of all of the stuff that we picked up. 

gamingfeature1_copyTurn three gamers loose at CES 2011, and among the plethora of hardware and software booths, naturally we will be drawn to anything and everything related to video games. Sunday was the final day of the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, as Cory, Skyler, and myself hit the floor for some free coverage. Having little time for games the past four days resulted in a thorough scouring of the convention center for demos, trailers, and announcements.

fractal_white_text_LanOCA company that many of you may have not heard about, Fractal Design, invited me to their suite at the Venetian for a private showing of their products. Fractal Design is a Swedish company that focuses on unique and innovative cases. They are not the craziest cases but with growing older I have strayed away from really flashy cases with fans everywhere and crazy lights all over. I for one like a sleek case with a sleek, sexy exterior. With Fractal Design it’s all about clean, sexy lines and useful features that you never knew you needed.

84_ultra_3DLG this year was showing off their expansive line up of TVs, mobile devices, and smart home appliances. Among the mix is this impresive 84" Ultra Definition 3DTV.  Using a 4K panel display and passive 3D glasses, its display is nothing short of perfection.

coraisrboothtitleEarlier in the week we made it to the Corsair press conference and I wrote about what they introduced at the press conference. I did also have a booth tour scheduled to get a closer look at their new products, a much better look than we saw in the press conference. We took a look at their headphone and speaker offerings and spent a lot of time checking out what Corsair Link is capable of. Click below to read more about it.

playseattitleI couldn’t visit CES without dropping by the Playseat’s booth to drool over their products and to see if they had anything new or upcoming to offer. I know Cory fell in love with the PlaySeat office chair that I have been drooling over for two years now. With it available now the real question is who will be the first to get one! I did track down Justin, our friend at Playseats and he was able to give me a quick look at a few more things.


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