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For those who appreciate Christmas

I'm sure everyone has seen the tweets from all of the ungrateful kids this year upset about not getting cars and iPhones. It wouldn't be complete without a video to go with it. Please be warned this video has lots of bad language.


Thanks to Skyler for the video

Author Bio
Author: garfi3ldWebsite: http://lanoc.org
You might call him obsessed or just a hardcore geek. Wes's obsession with gaming hardware and gadgets isn't anything new, he could be found taking things apart even as a child. When not poking around in PC's he can be found playing League of Legends, Awesomenauts, or Civilization 5 or watching a wide variety of TV shows and Movies. A car guy at heart, the same things that draw him into tweaking cars apply when building good looking fast computers. If you are interested in writing for Wes here at LanOC you can reach out to him directly using our contact form.

Posted: 3 years 2 months ago by chadkirchner #21862
chadkirchner's Avatar
That's clearly a First World problem.
Posted: 3 years 2 months ago by garfi3ld #21846
garfi3ld's Avatar
Something to make humpday go quicker for some of you, but be warned of the language

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